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High ping spikes

Hi,I've been experiencing issues with high ping spikes for over a year at this point, this is especially noticeable during online gaming, often making for an unplayable experience. Here's a link to a BQM that I made over a year ago:https://www.thinkb...

What he heck has happened to upload speeds

Hello,I am not alone here, as I've spoken to other XBX gamers who have also expressed the same problem with uploading screenshots and recordings either timing out they failed. This has been ongoing ever since our speeds were supposed to be updated it...

Hefeydd by Tuning in
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New fibre user and can’t access some games

Eve echoes has been installed on my iPad for 2 years, switched to VM fibre last week and suddenly can’t access the game, switch out to my other isp wifi network and it connects perfectly, switch back to VM wifi and first I thought it was a...

Packet loss and latency issues

Hi there,I wasn't sure what board to put this so I selected Gaming Support because that's where the issues are most noticeable. Over the past month or two I've been having intermittent issues with packet loss and latency spikes. It doesn't really aff...

oscarmm by Joining in
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Xbox Remote Play

Hello, I have an Xbox Series S which I’m having difficulty setting up remote play correctly. When I was with Sky it worked perfectly over Wi-Fi. This time I’m connected directly to my Virgin Hub 3 router via Ethernet.  It will work perfectly in the h...

Dadders by Joining in
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2gb broadband issues with download and PS5

I got 2gb fiber yesterday and its working fine mobile devices and browsing the net but on my laptop even with a ethernet cable I am only get 6kb/s download and my ps5 is getting an error connecting to the internet and and then a following message say...

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Playstation network blocked

I've recently found that when I attempt to log into the Playstation network I'm being blocked. I've confirmed that virgin media is the issue because if I connect my PS5 to mobile phone network I am able to access the PSN network. In addition to this ...

Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 21.03.08.png
deej05 by Tuning in
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