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Experiencing high ping spikes

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I'm currently a Virgin Media internet subscriber to a package with speeds of 1000mbps down and 50mbps up. In terms of speeds, my internet has been perfect since first getting it.

However, over the last few months my internet has degraded when playing multiplayer games. When playing titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Rocket League, and even Forza Horizon 5, ping previously was consistently around 20ms-30ms depending on servers etc. Now, my ping can randomly spike: sometimes as low as 40-50ms, sometimes as high as 800-900ms. Its getting to the point where multiplayer games are unplayable.

I'm of the belief that its oversubscription but I'm hoping that its a router problem and that it can be fixed by purchasing a better router, but I don't want to make that investment until I know.

Any help is appreciated!


Alessandro Volta
I surprised VM didn't say “keep your upload speed under 10Mb or your hub will explode”.

haha it probably would explode, can't wait for my hub 4 to be gone, the fan in it runs even in modem mode, it's faint but it adds a buzz to the room, why is the fan on and the thing so damn hot even in modem mode? My Asus gaming router is 10x as powerful and doesn't even have any fans.

On our wavelength

I have no idea what this means haha

On our wavelength

Adding back into this thread with an update.

I received a visit from an engineer who, while replacing the Hub 4 with a Hub 5 (which, surprise surprise, hasn't done anything), informed me that "they can't do anything about latency". Which is pure drivel, honestly. Its very clearly oversubscription on the ISP, and my internet is unusable for gaming at the moment. Is there any way to escalate this issue?

I've also added in a new broadband monitor for the router, showing the exact same latency spikes through the day. 

Alessandro Volta

It was honest of the technician to say there was nothing they could do. 

Any improvement would have to come with a network upgrade. How can you escalate that? 

Answers on a postcard 😞 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

From what I was told, Virgin's fault fixing only happens when a large number of people in a given area complain to them using the online reporting tool.

Unfortunately for us gamers, that means the issue will never be fixed.

As discussed with the engineer at the weekend, myself and a friend are probably the only two young adults on the postcode, so all the parents around here and older generation watching their Love Island won't have a clue that their low bitrate ITV hub stream is dropping during and episode.

I'm going the route of asking for a price match with BT's max package, and then taking out a separate BT line for gaming, or if they refuse that I'll be leaving Virgin altogether and going with an older BT line until they get FTTP here.

Tuning in

im also having this problem since the new tv hub came about a year ago my pings never under 30 now.. its unplayable tbh did you get it fixed?