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Loss of Email - F010762348




We are aware that some customers are experiencing issues with their email service and are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. Our teams are working flat out to fully restore all emails as soon as possible.


Update 13/07/23 - This has now been resolved. If you are still having issues, please make your own separate post giving as much detail as possible.

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FYI:  Executive Team can be found here -> [REMOVED]  (without the spaces around '@' of course).

On our wavelength

BBC news has just posted on Virgin Media about customers having too much difficulty cancelling contracts.  In the article email problems are mentioned and said to have been solved although the BBC seem to have had their doubts about this and "... Virgin Media whether this disruption to emails has been fully resolved."  The outcome of that is not divulged.

On our wavelength

Email nor been working for 10 days!

been told by 2 different people @ virgin will be 5 days! Been told that twice!!

still waiting!!

got emails need to action!

no idea who to talk to now!?

been with virgin & all it’s earlier companies for over 25 yrs! Worst service have had!!

theyve had thousands of £s from me!