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Loss of Email - F010762348




We are aware that some customers are experiencing issues with their email service and are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. Our teams are working flat out to fully restore all emails as soon as possible.


Update 13/07/23 - This has now been resolved. If you are still having issues, please make your own separate post giving as much detail as possible.

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I just tried to login and found this message "Your Virgin Media Mail account is currently unavailable" , is this due to the current outage or is this unrelated?

I have reset my password but nothing has happened, any help is appreciated thanks.

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Still down

Ntlworld account

Keep saying username or password wrong, nothing has been changed 

Just joined

My secondary email account is locked out and I can’t reset the password it just keeps giving code Code: DEF01) any assistance is greatly appreciated 

I guess the VM server that should have received your emails was off line for a bit. The server that tried to send it would know it had not been able to send the email and would retry. To avoid overloading itself and the network with retries, it would reduce the retry frequency. It might start at 1 minute, then go to 5 mins, then an hour, then 4 hours etc. It might go up to several days before finally giving up. So some randomness of delivery is to be expected, and it is not caused by Virgin Media but by the algorithms chosen by the various sending systems.

Up to speed

I’m now getting mail on my iPad that was sent and should have arrived this morning with a time stamp of now, rather than its original time stamp. Bit of a bind…

I got the exact same message

My VM webmail is now coming up a message saying my account is locked and suggesting a process to change my password etc.  I'm not sure if this is a genuine message or not as I have heard people changing their password with no luck.  Has anyone else had the same message ?

Dialled in

So, as we have 2 large gaps in email receipt times…..

in my case from around 2300 last night to 1300 today

and from just before 1400 to 2030 today

I take it some of the servers sending mail will have failed to send and retried. If they finally timed out (see Eric’s post above) I take it they will have delivered an ‘unable to send’ message to the originator. 
Not sure if that gets recognised at the sending end in the case of automatic mailing lists?

However hopefully all mails have got through, or failed with notification to the originator and none arrived but got ‘dumped’ before delivery due to the server fault?


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See the earlier post in this thread by Adri_G, but be aware that it was made on 6 December 2022.

"Please, rest assured we're always eager to assist with these errors.
Feel free to come back to us here or call our care team in case you face any problems with your account and services in the future."

Yeah, good luck with that.

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Really fed up now with the service we are getting 

first it was broadband not working for days then our phone was out for 24 hours

now it is email which they now say will be tomorrow this is a rubbish service