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Loss of Email - F010762348




We are aware that some customers are experiencing issues with their email service and are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. Our teams are working flat out to fully restore all emails as soon as possible.


Update 13/07/23 - This has now been resolved. If you are still having issues, please make your own separate post giving as much detail as possible.

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Nice thought, sadly hasn't worked for me with blueyonder nor trying ntlworld, but thanks.

Tuning in

This is a direct quote from the last email i got from them. Well Friday has been and gone, and no email, not that i could actually see it, if you do send the email, since I am not getting new emails either. LOL.

"We will be in touch before the end of this week to confirm when historic emails will be restored."

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Advice needed please.

I can still only get my main email account (ntlworld) to send and receive using webmail on my Samsung phone. Historical mails still missing of course. Other addresses (ntlworld & virgin) I still have no access to since Friday night maintenance.

I'm now going to set up Outlook on my phone to try and access my mail accounts that way. It's asking me whether to use IMAP or POP3. Which one?

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Dear Virgin,

I have joined this Virgin 'community' in the hope that Virgin is itself part of the community and it is not just a device to divert users from seeking advice directly from the provider.

Many of us that have lost our historic emails are in real difficulties over this - and it is clear form other posts that this will be apparent to you.

We have had only two vague email explanations in two weeks.

As any supplier would, you owe the following to your users:

1. An explanation as to why the emails were lost.

2. An honest assessment as to whether they can be restored.

3.  If they can, then when.

4. If they cannot, then please say so, so that users can consider the avenues of ombudsman, ICO or other recourse.

5. Most of all you owe users communication and, whatever else has happened, the lack of this has been inexcusable, but this does not mean that you should not change tack at this late stage and provide timely honest updates to users on a regular basis (the cut and paste 'we are working though the night' means nothing after 14 nights) and I ask here that you do so. In this vein:

Where are my emails; will I get them back; and if so when?


I may be wrong but I believe it is only possible at the moment to use Virgin Mail directly. That's my experience and others too have said that. Using it through another email service currently is not working. IMAP is definitely not working for me and I've seen someone say the same about POP3 (here or on another forum).

I have heard that Virgin is making yet another attempt to get everything working properly overnight so maybe tomorrow it will be back to normal. Who knows, anything is possible.





I am also having this issue, still unable to access my emails from before 20th June, have some very important emails that I need access to!

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Thanks so much for the reply. Was getting kind of desperate here but will just hold on and keep fingers crossed!

Just to add that - in normal circumstances, when everything is working properly - Virgin recommends that IMAP be used rather than POP3.

I do feel that we now are very close to the stage of having to assume that VM have ‘lost’ all of the old ‘historic’ emails, and they simply aren’t coming back - ever!

It is unlikely that VM will ever make any sort of official statement to that effect, but, what you need to ask yourself, is this; ‘how long do I keep on waiting for my old emails to appear?’ At some point you will need to work on the basis that they aren’t!

Leaving aside any ‘compensation’ claims, which, it is arguable if anyone is entitled to anything, but it could be months if not years before being sorted - in the meantime, if necessary, what can you, personally, do now, right now, to mitigate against this? Who do you need to contact, which emails do you need to be re-sent (probably to a different non-VM address). Realistically, what will or can you do if, and it is still an if, VM simply throw their hands up, announce that they have suffered from <insert various reasons here>, and that everyone’s old email has gone, they have tried for three weeks to restore it but have now concluded that it is no longer possible and have abandoned any further attempts to even try! They are very, very sorry, but it is what it is....!

What do you, and all other customers in the same situation, do, to get around this?

At the moment I can't use outlook (IMAP) to access my email. Direct access is the only option.