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Blueyonder Email Not Working and Unable to Download to Outlook

Just joined

I have a blueyonder email account which I have had for over 30 years.  I was unable to receive or send emails and hte following error message appeared :

"There was a problem signing in to your account.  Enter your password again.  If you've changed your password recently, make sure you enter the new password"

I login to my blueyonder emails primarily on my PC and when I'm out on my mobile (via Microsoft Outlook).

I followed the instructions on the virgin website:

(i) created a new password - tried several times - failed

(ii) used a new email address to login into my account to access my emails on line - tried several times - failed

Called customer services and after 3 days they contacted me and I was able to log on to my blueyonder email on line using a gmail address online.  I am unable to download my blueyonder emails to my PC using Microsoft Outlook 2010 or to Office 365.  

My partner also has a blueyonder email address on the same home account and they are not facing any difficulties.

I called customer services once again and was promised that someone would call the next day and 5 days later no response! I need to be able to continue to download the emails from to outlook and asked if the SMTP and POP3 had changed as I had been unable to download emails since the 9th May 2024. She said she did not know what I was talking about and did not know how to resolve my issue and would contact me.  Is there anyone else having similar difficulties with their blueyonder emails? How did you resolve it? 

I forgot to mention, the reason why I need to use Microsoft Outlook as opposed to the online version of the blueyonder account is that I have learning difficulties/disability and I use outlook to help me organise my inbox , set rules, colour coding etc which the blueyonder online does not offer.  It is very limiting to any one with learning difficulties and learning disabilities.


Tuning in

Hi, Calmocean,


I'm having the same/similar issue, 3 email accounts, which show up in webmail.

1st one works OK in webmail, Outlook and on iPhone,

2nd one does not work  in webmail, but works OK in Outlook and on iPhone

3rd one does not work in either webmail, Outlook or iPhone.  Stopped working on 10 May @ ~ 09:00, and hasn't worked since, VM support has said that the address is not associated with my account - something that VM have done not me!  Have had mixed quality of support, was told by one that the is obsolete, but have seen on forum that no new addresses will be issued but support is still in place.  My issue has apparently been elevated, I've had 4 long telephone sessions, 1 of which I was cut off` - last one yesterday, still waiting for them to come back to me to say they have fixed it - I know that there are many important emails in the pipeline and I need to get to them urgently.  this must be a breach of some contract..... I wait for response from VM - had none on here thus far!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi calmocean,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, we are sorry to hear you are facing issues with your email you have been using over 30 years since trying to migrate you emails over.

So I can try to help I have sent you an invite into a private chat, please click on the white envelope to accept.