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Re: Mis-sold O2 SIM with OOOmph upgrade

I have had a very similar experience. I had been told the O2 sim would cost me £10 a month and I had this confirmed 5 times over the phone and I have text messages too backing it up. I then received a bill for £25 but it was too late to challenge it ...

missEW by Joining in
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Reset router everyday

Is it normal that I have to keep resetting my router everyday? if I upgraded to a faster speed would all my internet problems disappear? Would streaming work? 

Can I cancel O2 SIM in cooling off period?

Recently renewed my VM contract with a new Volt contract £86ppm with Virgin £25ppm with O2, reading up on Volt it seems it means I get a speed boost on my internet and the Wi-Fi Max benefits, neither of which I care about (I use my own router, so Max...

Tavis75 by Knows their stuff
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Sim confusion on Volt package. Two SIMs now possibly?

Hello I recently upgraded (a week ago) from Ultimate Oomph 600 to Volt 02 and have been passed from pillar to post about the package they told me originally was £84. Apparently it did not include an 02 SIM.I was really unhappy (livid really) with thi...

slimcraigy by On our wavelength
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Ultimate volt Bundle - O2 saved basket email

Have ordered the ultimate volt Bundle for £85 per month (£60 virgin and £25 o2) and have just received an email from o2 with a saved basket for the SIM for 250gb instead of unlimited.I was under the impression the SIM would just be delivered to the a...

Vote Netflix. When

Hi staff when will I receive a email telling me how to activate Netflix post upgrade to volt ultimate ?   Thanks . It's not in my entertainment on the app btw  

Swf by Fibre optic
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First Volt wifi pod

Hi I have just activated Volt via o2 and have had confirmation that it is active from  bothVM and O2. I was informed that I had to contact VM to order my free wifi pod. Thanks

Volt not applied VM

Hello folks, Have virgin boardband for 3+ years, and recently signed up with O2 pay monthly sim.It seems the benifit never get applied to my VM account. I'm currently on M200. What can I do on this?Thanks in advance. 

Zaclee by Joining in
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Volt benefits not applied

Hi, it’s been a month since O2 activated my Volt benefits and I had read that the Virgin broadband speed boost could take up to 14 days afterwards.  It’s now been 5 weeks and it has still not been boosted. I’m currently on 350 and have been expecting...

Janey81 by Joining in
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Wifi booster pod

Online chat arranged for a wifi pod booster to be sent but has not arrived.Whats the easier way to chase this up ?Many thanks sean