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Wifi booster pod

Online chat arranged for a wifi pod booster to be sent but has not arrived.Whats the easier way to chase this up ?Many thanks sean

volt broadband upgrade

Hi, I ve recently taken out a new contract starting on the 30th Sept but I've not received my upgraded broadband speeds yet. I was originally on100mb and due to move to 200mb.My o2 data as doubled but not broadband speed.Please would d someone from v...

Netflix activation worked for me!

 I have recently moved to Volt and after signing a new contract with Virgin I came across the numerous articles on this forum about problems with Netflix activation.  I currently have a Netflix Premium account was told by Virgin that I would be able ...

Wifi Pod

Hi, I’ve upgraded from oomph to volt and have a couple of dead spots. I’ve used the app to test and it states I need a pod. Can I please arrange for one to be ordered. Thanks Peter. 

RS6avant by On our wavelength
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Issue with Volt benefits activation

Hi all,Hoping for some help as I’ve been bounced from pillar to post for weeks. I am the Virgin account holder, my housemate is an O2 account holder. She went through the process of linking up our accounts for Volt via address so all fine from O2 sid...

Volt - O2 Activated, Virgin Not

Hello,I signed up with VirginMedia on September 21st; I was already with O2 so I qualified for Volt. O2 applied it on their end on September 30th.Unfortunately I still have nothing from Virgin's side, 25 days later. Everything I've seen says Virgin a...

Volt benefits not applied (VM)

Hi we changed our package trying to reduce our outgoings. We started our new volt 100mb contract with an O2 sim card and should have received a speed boost up to 200mb and another booster. We have had volt benefits active message but we cannot get ou...


Does Virgin Media Volt M200 have an email facility ?, if so how can I access it ? .

Volt speedboost not activated a month later

SpoilerI had my volt benefits activated on my o2 account on 24th of September, it is now almost a month and I still haven't had my speed boost. What can I do about getting it sorted I don't have or want whatsapp to be able to chat to somebody.I had m...

Resolved! Volt with multiple virgin accounts

I have Virgin accounts at two addresses and  an O2 account at one of them. do I get Volt facilities at both addresses?

AlanB223 by Joining in
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