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Volt bundle data rollover

Hi, just signed up for a VM volt bundle with 2 SIM cards, I now have 1 virgin media SIM and 1 O2 SIM which is confusing. I read when signing up that I would get 1 month data rollover on the SIM accounts, just gone over my first month and data has res...

icm4477 by Joining in
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Resolved! Being told Volt already on my account when I've only just taken 02 out

Hello I could really do with some help here please.I have been on 500mb broadband with evening and weekends phone for several years and always had Virgin Mobile sim only.I recently took out an 02 line and was told that this included Volt perks and th...

Keiranjf by On our wavelength
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Free Netflix with Volt question

Confused. My virgin app appears to state that standard Netflix is free with Volt package. After speaking to telephone agent. She informs me this is not the case. It would cost me an additional £38 to get Netflix basic ? Can anyone clarify TIA

stevel66 by Joining in
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How to get Wi-Fi Booster pods?

Hi,I have the top Voltz package & was told that I can get free Wi-Fi booster pods should I have any issues with my broadband, but I cannot find out how I can order them.I keep having the Wi-Fi signal drop in the rooms upstairs, including the room wit...

Dash145H by Tuning in
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Wifi pod

I have two wifi pods which work a treat but i have a loft with two bedrooms which do not get any  wifiHow can I get the third one that my account entitles me toothank you

Netflix Activation

Like many of you, I have been waiting for a Netflix activation code for many weeks after signing up for the Volt package, which is supposed to give me Netflix standard as part of the package. After so many phone calls and promises, I still have no ac...

trisher by Joining in
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Volt benefits still not active on the Virgin side

Activated Volt benefits via o2 and they've been active on the o2 side for over a month but the double broadband speed with Virgin still hasn't kicked in. I checked the My Virgin Media website and the button to 'upgrade to volt benefits' or whatever g...

Poor customer service

I’ve messaged and  spent 5 hours on the phone they said they ring me back and nothing happened 

Netflix - keeps dropping

For the 4th time Netflix has dropped out and I can’t watch it  I keep ringing virgin media and get the standard we will aim to fix the problem in 5 days It has been working about  a month out of the last 5 after we switched from Sky Can anyone help??...

Volts benefits not started

I joines virgin media 3 weeks ago and I have been with O2 for almotst a year but I have not received the Volt benefits. Would you be able to help me? 

Rievan by Joining in
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