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virgin getting to be to much hassle to renew

yeh i have a right week as well with live chat evenmy contract ends 31st mayso i just went into chat to get the right date i should give my 30 days notice( did not want the big jump in costs after deal ends )went on at 1.29pm at 4.01 pm i still did n...

VIRGIN OFFER2024-04-09 at 14-04-57 My Virgin Media Virgin Media.png

No volt benefits

I have waited three months now to get my volt benefits which O2 have assured me are activated.  They also told me I needed to get in touch with Virgin as it’s their responsibility to update my information.  Can someone from Virgin get back to me rega...

WiFI Pods

I have the gig1 fibre broadband package and have tried for the past week to try and order some wifi Pods via the VM connect app. Every time I try and connect to the hub it either loses connection or doesn’t connect after several tries. It’s frustrati...

Volt Wifi Pod

Hi,I have tried contacting VM through phone, and website, however cannot get through to speak to an actual person regarding this and keep getting directed around the website to dead ends.We have a couple of wifi black-spots in the house and as I am r...

ade257 by Joining in
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Which! Virgin worse customer service!!!

Time to pull your finger out - still waiting for pod issues to be resolved - was expecting a call as faults in my area?? https://www.which.co.uk/news/article/virgin-media-named-worst-major-broadband-provider-for-customer-service-aQwVk5g0Tdc4

TF1909 by Dialled in
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Package change charge for ‘free’ Volt benefits

I’ve been charged a package change fee of £26.50 for the ‘Free’ Volt benefits.I didn’t even ask to be upgraded on Volt. It automatically happened a few days after the Broadband had been installed.Are companies allowed to do this? Automatically give y...

WARNING: Volt - O2 charges for "free" account

I to had the same problem had to pay O2 and still doing so and have never had my payment to O2 credited directly on my virgin bill some one is fibbing as if you want you can my bill never one payment to O2 credited in life time of my account 

tprronnie by On our wavelength
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New customer Volt problem

Hi.Sorry to make my first post here a complaint. Im a new Virgin Media FTTP and O2 bundled customer. I signed up to FTTP VM250 and O2 sim with Volt benefits. Im getting passed from pillar to post by O2 and VM about not having Volt benefits (double da...

Mis-sold a Virgin Media deal with a ‘free’ O2 sim. \

Hi I hope someone can help as i really am at my end trying to speak to anyone with Virgin, O2, or even at the O2 shops.  Over 12 months ago i jumped from a complete SKY package to VIRGIN media.  It appeared a much better deal. During the process of s...

Volt speed boost to 1 gig not applied

Hi I moved house one year ago and signed up for a new Virgin package M500 broadband as part of the move. I also have o2 monthly phone. I can see the volt benefits are showing as applied in my o2 account and Virgin account however I have not had the s...