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Resolved! Volt boost

Hi,My wife has a virgin broadband in her name and I have 4x o2 Sims in my name ( 1 each for us and 2 for the kids ),do we qualify for the volt broadband boost Cheers mike

Who qualifies for Volt?

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows for sure?I have Virgin broadband and my wife has an o2 mobile. She signed up for Volt and I got an email from Virgin saying our account now has Volt benefits applied eligible but the speed boost could not be added.T...

Volt benefits not added to account after O2 migration

Hi there, My virgin mobile number was transferred to O2 earlier this month. As part of this move I was told my broadband would be eligible for Volt benefits ( i.e Internet speed upgraded to 1Gig and 3 WifiPods). I am unable to see anything to this ef...

MIyer by Joining in
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Resolved! No Virgin Volt speed upgrade two weeks after O2

HiMy O2 Volt benefits were activated on 25 June. I understand Virgin Volt speed upgrade takes up to 2 weeks longer to be activated. But 14 days after O2 benefits were provided I haven't had the broadband upgrade to 1Gb or any email to confirm that I ...

Drewb1 by Tuning in
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Re: Not getting volt boost

Any chance you could look at mine as well, 2 days on WhatsApp and still no joy, was told it was setup and to wait 48 hrs, but nothing no boost? 

Bazzer11 by Joining in
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O2 contract cancelled

Why does it say, on my Virgin Media home page, that it looks like I've cancelled my O2 contract? 

PaulVP by Dialled in
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Volt upgrade eligibility

I’ve been with Virgin for just under 18 months on the old Ultimate Oomph bundle at £79. It was due to go up to £147 next month so rang to cancel this week and retentions offered the same bundle at £85 with the SIM card switching to an o2 Ultimate Vol...

O2 sim has not arrived

Hi,Taken out a new package including an o2 sim.o2 sim not arrived. Rang o2 who say they’ve not got any record of an order and I should have received an email from o2 automatically when placing the order which I never received. o2 can’t do anything wi...