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Resolved! VOLT wifi pods

can someone tell me the easy way to order 1 of these. The engineer said I needed one as my signal wasnt very good where I keep my Desktop.

SniperVM by Joining in
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Whats app

hi I have tried to add the mobile for your what's app help but the number don't come up in my what's app can you help me please 

Ultimate Oomph to volt

I enquired about upgrading to a top volt package. I pay £118 a month for 1gb, maxit tv, 1 pod and 2 boxes. VM offered exactly the same package for £116+ £25 for a new sim with o2. So my current sim is worth £2.Come on VM surely you can do better than...

Wilfred1 by On our wavelength
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Wifi pod

I'm a volt customer and I got this WiFi pod and when I got it they said I can have up to 3 max but only one at one time to see if the connection had improved but it hasn't and also I think the one I got is faulty as its never fitted into a plug socke...

sensen69 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Speed

Hi I have recently upgraded and was expecting faster speeds but I'm only getting 46mbps ,is this the normal?

Boyce1 by Joining in
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Resolved! New customer and no sim card yet from 02

New customer - been paying and up and running for half a week. No o2 sim card arrived which is part of the package and one of the benefits that made me sign up for Virgin. Not great! 

Ejl78 by Tuning in
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Volt cancelled

After what I've read about VM 02 and Volt here's hoping my mis-sold 02 contract that I cancelled yesterday goes without any hitches-and that down the line I don't receive any bills owed for a service I didn't want -hoping VM and 02 are as competent w...

DANG74 by Tuning in
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Ordering WiFi pod

Hello, I can't find where to order the pods?I've had my Internet installed for over a month now and I have no signal at all in my kitchen (which means I can't even use my boiler controls) and only get 4mb in my daughters bedroom. Why is it so difficu...

Trev8 by Joining in
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