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Volt Package O2 Sim Not Delivered

I had ordered a new Volt M200 Fiber broadband package in the month of Feb 2023 that included the O2 Sim card, however I have still not received the SIM card. Tried calling customer services many times... gave up after being on hold for over an hour e...

vinayukh by Joining in
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What are the "levels" of broadband in relation to VOLT?

If you have broadband with Virgin Media as well as a pay monthly phone contract with O2, you become eligible for VOLT. According to Virgin's website this gives you:a broadband speed boost to the next available level of Virgin Media fibre broadband (i...

Volt Broadband Upgrade

Hello,I have a problem that VM seems to be deliberately ignoring. FYI I logged a complaint yesterday because it doesn't fit any of the prescribed options in My Virgin Media so I was at a loss where to turn. VM duly responded by confirming my account ...

Who qualifies for Volt?

The email said the boost would be applied on the 8th of December. This is the exact date I was supposed to have a hub 5 delivered but it was lost by Yodel. I called Virgin about the lost Yodel parcel and the helpdesk operator told me the Volt boost w...

Resolved! O2 Pixel 7 -Which VM 500mb Speed boost once VOLT is activated.

Since my recent failed o2 purchase of Nokia handset to gain VOLT features.Today I returned to o2 e chat and they kindly confirmed VOLT can be activated with  my new o2 Contract.Before Google Pixel 7 arrives, how does VOLT improve VM 500MB broadband s...

Donfor40 by Superfast
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Resolved! O2 Extras no longer available

I did not use my O2 account for a month or so, but when I came to choose my Extra (wanted Disney+ subscription) I could not see how this would be accessed. Is there a time limit by which the freebie needs to be activated? 

Resolved! Volt Benifits

Helloi am a virgin internet customer and my son-in-law and daughter who I live with are o2 customers they have received the o2 volt benefits quite a while ago but we have not received the broadband benefit's and they show inactive on my Virgin accoun...

Netflix cancelled

My Netflix sub through virgin is no longer working and has been cancelled when i try to restart my membership i get the message 'Sorry, this offer cant be found. Sign into Netflix or sign up for a new account without this offer.'is there a fix for th...

CSiRRAH by Joining in
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Resolved! Mis-sold O2 SIM with OOOmph upgrade

Good evening all.  Does anyone have any experience of rectifying a mis-sold O2 sim card.  My OOmph contract was up in Jan 2022, I rang Virgin and they offered me the same deal again, but called Volt.  I was informed clearly on the phone that the ONLY...