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Internet down

Hey, my internet connection is down, need help with contact number. 

Broadband Volt not yet active 1 month later

Like quite a few threads here. My O2 volts have been active since 27/7 but I've not had a peep from VM regarding the Broadband side of things. Even just an ETA from one of the team would be appreciated. Thanks. 

Volt Broadband Boost Missing

Hello,Just wondering if anyone can help. At the start of the month we had our volt boosts applied to the two mobiles phones we have in the house but still yet to see the boost applied to the broadband. Do you know how long this usually takes? Can som...

brownjl by Joining in
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Accessibility and Vulnerability Policy Question?

Could not find the correct board to post this.Today I called Virgin as I was having intermittent issues with my broadbands and asked if I had anyone disabled or venerable at the residence. I said no, but then had a look online about it as I wasn't su...

Aedrothica by On our wavelength
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Volt benefits missing

I received a text message on the 18th July to confirm my volt benefits have been applied. On the o2 it shows a bolt for for volt is active, but when I sign into virgin my package is the same, I'm on M250 broadband still. How do I activate the benefit...

Krease by Joining in
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Resolved! can't add phone to Volt m500 broadband only package

New customer. Got M500 Volt speed boost + O2 package on 31st May 2023. Mobile reception at my address is bad and intermittent emergency only reception. I want to add phone to my package in case I need to make emergency 'landline' call. The only optio...

pshm by Just joined
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Want to order PODs

I have a volt contract and am showing slow connection in 3 rooms. When I go to the link to try to order, it asks me to move to a new contract (which I don’t want to do). Posting here to order these given the answers in other posts!

hanhan by Tuning in
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One of the millions victims of fraud by VM

I have been dealing with this simple upgrade for over a month and the issue still hasn't been resolved. I've tried contacting agents from Whatsapp, webchat and hotline but they all failed to assist me. I'm hoping the forum staff could help me out her...

CheukMin by Joining in
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Which o2 plans qualify?

Which o2 mobile plans qualify for Volt, and thus speed upgrade on Virgin Media broadband?My Virgin MOBILE is being migrated to o2. It says my plan is "30-day rolling O2 sim plan" - woulc this qualify for Volt?

ohit11 by Joining in
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Volt Benefits

Hi i am a virgin broadband customer as well as a Virgin mobile customer i was told i would get a free broadband upgrade when my Mobile was switched to O2 its been over a month since the switch on the 02 app it says my volt benefits have been activate...

billydev by Joining in
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