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Don’t join o2

Virgin Media call centre advised me that if I joined O2 they could lower my unlimited calls, data and text mobile contract . Now having signed up for the recommended contract advised to me , I find out that O2 charges £0.65 for one multi media messag...

Resolved! Netflix

Hi virgin services installed this week. TV ,broadband and apps all OK apart from Netflix.  Sound distorted and pic out of sync. Netflix OK on phone and tablet through virgin WiFi.  Tried power down reset etc no joy . Any ideas? Thanks

Stujerv by Joining in
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Volt Benefits

i have my volt benefits applied to my o2 mobile account, but my virgin media benefits have not been activated. It has been over the 14 days as they advise, how do i go about getting it active?

Resolved! Ultimate Volt activation and Netflix issues

I have signed up to the Ultimate Volt, O2 Sim working, new Router and speed activated OK.BUT, still unable to activate Netflix (I need to link to my existing account and pay the upgrade to premium). Clicking on the Netflix section on the myvirgin app...

billkilv by Up to speed
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Missing o2 SIM and miss sold package

Hello last month I contacted virgin to discuss my package.this ended up with me changing my package.My old deal was TV, broadband phone and free virgin SIM £160My new deal I believed was TV(faster broadband) phone and free O2 sim £130I've not receive...

Banyie by Tuning in
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Volt - pods query

Trying to contact vm about volt pods. Failing miserably. HELP vm please.     [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

paulw659 by Joining in
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Do I need to use the O2 sim?

Hi all,I upgraded my Virgin contact just before Christmas and as part of the new deal I was told I'd be sent a new O2 sim to replace my existing Virgin Mobile SIM. That finally arrived today (presumably delayed due to Christmas and postal strikes). I...

Yet another " My Volt speed upgrade hasn't happened" post

I signed up to a new contract with VM on Dec 6th, my Volt Benefits were confirmed on the 7th Dec with 02 and I understand that to get the speed increase from my current Volt M600 Fibre on my signed up for package I have to wait 14 days....I have just...

Volt benefits not applied when joining O2

Hi. I am an existing VM customer and switched my phone contract to O2 contract in November. The O2 Volt benefits were apllied on 3 Dec but I'm still waiting for the VM speed increase  Can someone help?Thanks

C1111 by Joining in
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