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Resolved! Finding out which O2 account is "volted"

New contract started yesterday, M500 BB doubled up via Volt to 1Gb. (Prior to this we also had television and landline, have been VM customers for over three years now.)I have TWO O2 pay-monthly accounts. One is my personal phone, had it about ten ye...

Volt benefits not activated

I've been an O2 customer for years and recently set up Virgin Media at my new address. My O2 benefits were activated almost immediately but I'm still waiting for the VM speed boost. I've tried talking to the automated bot on the website but it just s...

Powerline Booster needed on Volt M600 package

hi all - i need a powerline booster as connection is really poor in upstairs room. as i am on Volt M600 i was on the understanding i an eligible for a free one but i just cannot get any joy off the chat assistant or seem to get through to the right p...

virgin media volt question

Hey guys, so I have a Virgin Media SIM only plan £8 for 12gb, anyway, my question is if Virgin Media is moving to o2 anyhow/Virgin Media SIMs to o2 network now, do you think I could get my SIM in the volt bundle to upgrade the speed of the Wi-Fi,as w...

Booster pods

Hi. Hope someone can help. recently had virgin broadband volt installed but am experiencing slow broadband in the top bedroom of my 3 story town house. I’ve ran tests and have varying speeds of between 30mbs 50mbs in that bedroom. I was eligible for ...

Volt scam

I have both Virgin Media broadband and an O2 SIM on pay monthly, today I wasted 2 hours of my time speaking to the script reading hustlers at virgin media through their WhatsApp.According to the website I am eligible for a free speed boost on my broa...

Screenshot_20231203_205334_edit_153221168828216.jpg Screenshot_20231203_205414_edit_153195130735986.jpg Screenshot_20231203_205433_edit_153169632234330.jpg Screenshot_20231203_205521_edit_153138897961737.jpg
Llm1 by Joining in
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Report dangerous driving

Hi, I’d like to report reckless and erratic driving from one of your Volt vans just now on the A56 in Manchester. Driving way above the speed limit, swerving in and out of lanes, not indicating an driving dangerously close to the vehicles in front of...

Online Volt order(s) not being actioned

I've now tried twice to place a Volt order online to add to my Virgin account, first one on the 17th which apparently had a technical issue so placed another one on the 22nd, again this one has disappeared somewhere.Customer service are next to usele...

olliekav by Joining in
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Resolved! Volt2 Double Speed Broadband Benefit not Activated

Good morning.Like others on the forum, I am waiting for my Volt2 double speed broadband benefit to be activated. I signed up for Volt2 via the O2 website in early November after the Virgin > O2 switch over. My Volt2 benefits on O2 were activated with...

kkarl by On our wavelength
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Virgin Media employee has stole money

Hi, not sure where to go, have raised with virgin fraud team but they are not coming back to me.  My mum rang 150 to report fault.  1st line couldn’t fix it so was passed to tech team.  They couldn’t fix it and said would ring back at certain time.  ...