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CATV Cover damaged - Safety Hazard!

There is a damaged CATV cover outside my home on the pavement that is damaged with a large rust hole in it that is only getting bigger. It has been reported many times in the past but I keep getting fobbed off by virgin, They say they have logged the...

adare86 by Joining in
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Volt Benefits - Download speed upgraded but upload speed the same?

Hi all,Can a member of staff help at all?I have VM Broadband (M350) and phone and my son has an O2 contract SIM, all registered to the same address, so we were both eligible for the "Volt Benefits".A few days ago, I was upgraded from the M350 plan (c...

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KB5725 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Volt Customer. Additional WiFi Pod

I am a Volt customer and ordered a Wifi Pod around a month ago Although its resolved some issues Ineed another for my utility room. Ive used the connect app to confirm poor connectivity but nowhere does it enable me to order another on the app nor ca...

123458 by On our wavelength
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So I ask to remove tv and phone lineGet paperwork confirming changeGet bill this month and no change been madeSpent all day messaging as cannot get through and still no further forward.Have been told 30 days notice again and that I have to pay 94 pou...

Tmol by Joining in
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Resolved! Not happy with the new situation

having been a Telewest, then Blueyonder, then Virgin customer, I’ve been with them for years. Recently, when trying to renegotiate our prices my wife was offered a bundle which included a sim from o2. She was told it didn’t need to be used, and was f...

Volt Benefits on Student Packages

Hi all, does anyone know if student broadband packages are eligible for the Volt speed boost?I have an existing o2 phone contract and am about to open a new broadband contract, thanks! 

Resolved! Volt boost

Hi,My wife has a virgin broadband in her name and I have 4x o2 Sims in my name ( 1 each for us and 2 for the kids ),do we qualify for the volt broadband boost Cheers mike

Who qualifies for Volt?

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows for sure?I have Virgin broadband and my wife has an o2 mobile. She signed up for Volt and I got an email from Virgin saying our account now has Volt benefits applied eligible but the speed boost could not be added.T...

Volt benefits not added to account after O2 migration

Hi there, My virgin mobile number was transferred to O2 earlier this month. As part of this move I was told my broadband would be eligible for Volt benefits ( i.e Internet speed upgraded to 1Gig and 3 WifiPods). I am unable to see anything to this ef...

MIyer by Joining in
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