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Volt benefits application?

Hi VM team,I have an outstanding volt benefit application that I was advised would have been applied yesterday for the 2nd time ( reference: KMM78394705V70715L0KM).Please could someone confirm when this will be applied?thank you

Volt benefits wifi pods

We seem to have no wifi coverage in our upstairs bedroom, i read somewhere i should be able to get some wifi booster pods as part of our volt benefits? Can anyone tell me how we order them?

Jhammett by Just joined
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Charged for "free" upgrade?

Hi, I'm a little confused. I am currently on M125 and my EE contract is almost up so I was looking at o2/volt. It implies I get double data, a free 3 months and a boost to the next broadband level, which for me is the M250. However, when I select my ...

Screenshot 2022-11-08 134613.png
Matty831 by Joining in
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Ultimate Volt, old modem

When I went over to the ultimate volt my modem and speed didn’t get boosted.Should I have had this upgraded?

studsbid by Joining in
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Ultimate Volt Speed (out of the box) day 1

Hi, If a new customer signs up for Ultimate Volt, in a 1gb capable area, what speed should they expect on day 1, after either self install or engineer install. Would it be 500mb or 1gb. Reason for asking obviously Post Office strike action is a disti...

scotty2 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! o2 Priority app - invalid number

keeps sayng invalid phone number when trying to use o2 priority app,i am a broadband user      [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

dooz by Up to speed
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Ordering Wifi Pods

HiMy volt benefits have been applied but I cant find information on the website anywhere on how I order the Wifi Pods? Is there a way other then having to ring customer service?regardsJenny


Have changed my package, (My old one was due to expire) to include an O2 sim (Volt Bundle) but having read some of the posts of problems with the o2 sim. I think this was a mistake.If I cancel the O2 side of the bundle will the Virgin side, be affect...

JEMMO by Just joined
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Netflix activation issue

Upgraded bundle to include Netflix and it shows as pending, press activate Netflix and get a fault notification and to try later……