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Netflix Premium Upgrade

Hi, I have recently taken up a new package that includes Netflix standard. I was successfully able to link my existing Netflix account to my Virgin Media account so it is now showing as being paid for by Virgin.However, when activating my Virgin Netf...

gdh1 by Joining in
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Is my bill correct?

I recently renegotiated my contract for the 1gig Volt package with 02 Sim for £89 p/m and i've just had £26 (or something like that) taken from my account by O2. Is my Virgin bill going to be £63 or did the retentions guy I spoke to fail to mention t...

SirAGFC by On our wavelength
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Red button

Red button not working been like this for a long time not happy when there are games I won't to watch 

Kylie1 by Joining in
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Resolved! hub 5 green flashing lights

installed the new hub 5 from hub 4 due to package change the hub is still flashing green lights 24 hours nowi have looked at the network log doesn't look good phoned virgin today they say will monitor the hub over next 24 hours  - problem ill get an ...

network log.jpg


Have Netflix as part of my package but can’t access it on my TV guide keeps saying “Error code A01can sign in on other devices but not my main tv?any ideas?

jane51 by Just joined
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Hit standard package with volt and want to upgrade to 4k but netflix came back and said virging have declined the 4k upgrade. How can i get 4k ?

Resolved! Volt350

Ordered this beginning of week, Wifi pod arrived today Questions, am I supposed to get a new Hub? If not and it is through existing one and when is the speedup applied? TXStu

Volt not applied to VM broadband

HiNot received an email from VM re Volt speed boost since opening new o2 account on 15th Sept. O2 benefits have been applied.  Info says "up to 14 days". How do I get this fixed please?Thanks

Resolved! Volt benefits not applied (VM)

Hi, I moved to a new VOLT 100Mb contract with an O2 sim back in September, where I should have received a speed boost up to 200Mb.It has been over 14 days since applying the benefits through O2 and I have received the 'Your Volt benefits are now acti...

cw4357 by Joining in
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Super Hub 5 1gb customer

Hi i am 1gb customer with hub 4 which is not suitable for 1gb due to its limiting 1gb ports which on a good day with the wind behind it can manage 900mb.... I have been trying to get a hub5 to take advantage of the 2.5gb port so I can actually use wh...

ToniK by Tuning in
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