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Volt benefits not applied to VM account

I renewed my contract with virgin media on 23 August and have the volt m100 broadband service. I took 2 o2 Sims at the same time.  The volt benefits have been applied to my o2 account, but not to the VM account and I haven't yet received the speed up...

Resolved! Volt speed boost missing on VM side

Hi I applied on myo2 for volt and it was activated  by O2 with confirmation email on the 15th August. However nothing has happened on the VM side. No change in config on the hub and no emails etc.  The O2  volt website says existing customers activat...

tonycv51 by Rising star
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VOLT existing virgin user not O2

Hi,I’ve just renewed my contract with virgin and been given an 02 sim as part of the deal.18month contract with Virgin and 12 months with O2. I am an existing virgin customer but new to O2.I’ve explained to virgin I wouldn’t be activating the 02 sim ...

Never received 02 sim

I have the oomph package but have never received my 02 sim. Everytime I contact virgin I'm passed from dept to dept each saying it's nothing 60 do with them. Surely someone can take charge! 

When will I get a new o2 sim?

2 weeks ago I telephoned to complain about the increase in my bill.   The lady in the retentions department 'sold' me a new Volt package.   Under my old package I was also paying for the SIM on my daughter's mobile phone.  The lady explained that I w...

Jeannie3 by Joining in
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Welcome Xbox Gift Not Arrived

I recieved an email over 4 weeks ago saying "Great news! We’re just about to deliver your free gift. It’ll be delivered by our partner, ExertisNot long now!" but no further update till date bearing in mind it been over 3 months since I activated my n...

Gchon by Tuning in
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Volt upgrade

Hi guys,i activated volt around 4 days ago I am yet to hear anything on if it has worked or not.i am on o2 but my mums name is on the virgin in the o2 app it says that isn’t a problem. Could someone let me know how long it usually takes to activate? ...

Declan97 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Volt Ultimate shenanigans

When I upgraded my package I chose the gig1 at a cost of just over £100 per month including the O2 SIM card. At the time of upgrade I was told that there were no hub5 boxes available as Virgin were having a supply issue, but was assured as soon as th...

ergosum by Tuning in
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Renew contract

Hi @everyone I’m existing customer o2 monthly contract and virgin media broadband, today I’m joined to Volt discount where I get for free one tier higher of broadband speed before I had 350 now one tier higher for free 500, in December my contract wi...

P4r3k by Tuning in
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How to get Volt Wifi Pods

Hi I am also a Volt customer and need a pod. Could you arrange that please

ahac69 by Joining in
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