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Renewal Email for same contract excludes TNT Sport and Netflix

Up to speed

So an email arrives today advising a renewal for the same contract as I’m on now but for another £4 a month. For the sake of my sanity and going through retentions in two months time this seemed a reasonable offer. 
However, the small print says no more TNT Sport which we get with Maxit TV in current contract and no mention of Netflix and whether it’s gone or not. 
Seems a bit underhand to me. But not surprising. Interested to know if anyone else on Volt has seen the same deceptive offer email?


Community elder

Don't know about Netflix but TNT Sports became an £18 a month add on for new contract's and renewals not long after the change of ownership of TNT.

I would be interested to know if the 2nd box is included or an extra charge now which is what I have seen, contract renewal in summer for me.


Yes good point about the 2nd box though we haven’t used it and it sits next to the main box so won’t miss it. But again, if it’s not included it’s hardly a like for like renewal. 
So now it’s time to see if the same package with Sky Sports, TNT Sport and Netflix plus 1gig broadband can be put together for less with individual providers. Don’t need home phone anymore. 

Did everyone not lose TNT? I am sure I don't have it anymore and I have not renewed - still within min term. I thought it had been taken away, which frankly is annoying but other channels went with it, like NBC News and a few others. Just assumed they pulled out of virgin. Come to think of it, I think NBC has now vanished off the list but TNT has not. 

You gotta make use of your box. My 2 virgin boxes operate at 1/4 the speed of a sky box so I've decided, virgin need to offer me 4 tv boxes to be the same as 1 fast box that works with Sky 😄 The bigger box with the DVR recorder, that thing crawls. It's to the point I'm convinced it must be running a botnet on the side, or mining crypto currency (it gets hot enough).

+ You'll notice something. BT Line rental used to be £18.60 when I last had it. My broadband was £12 a month for unlimited. So with landline line rental + broadband it was about £30 all in. 

Now when you look at "broadband only" - the price is about what? Just over 30 squids. l see their lil game 😄

Erm, worth trying Sky if VM doesn't offer a good retention. Chuck order in and then ring a few days later unsure - inform them virgin are happy to double the broadband for free, see what they lower it to + do you get free speed upgradings 😄  Once its installed and the cooling off starts, give them a ring, and then another one after a few more says. See what stuff they give for free. They seem happy to give broadband at cost or possibly a loss leader if you push them in this way. With Sky - the deal isn't done until it's done. I've had the price halved doing this from the initial pricing. I'd say bundled packaging is likely to yield more room for deals vs separate services.