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Repeated V53 Errors

Hi,I keep getting a V53 error on my V6 (channel is unavailable)Picture randomly freezes, no sound for a short period of time then the channel returns back to normal.This has been going on for quite a while, and have had a new V6 installed a few month...

jka94036 by Superfast
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Resolved! Replacement tv remote issue

I have been trying to order a replacement tv remote for my V6 box but the form errors at the end. I have also tried WhatsApp without any success. Please could you advise what to do. thanks 

Nozza23 by Joining in
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Tv not working

I’ve not had tv since 2.30pm yesterday. Is anyone else having problems in the Le33dt area?

Ginner by Joining in
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Resolved! Memorable word not known

Lost memorable word means I am prevented from talking to anyone at Virgin on the phone. I need a replacement box, as agreed by Indian agent, but cannot talk to anyone about whether it was ordered on my behalf. Any suggestions?

johnstars by On our wavelength
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TiVo 6 box issues

My recent recordings  I programmed onto my TiVo 6 box on replaystop, break-up run slowly and are pixelated for example can’t watch Endeavour on My recordings but can via ITVX 

Resolved! Poor picture quality.

Spoiler  When the cameras close in, the picture goes clear. Even the team / goal logo is clear but, not the game.  We have a new 4k HD LG tv     Any help would be very gratefully received.... I've tried to upload a video of the poor quality of the fo...

niecey by Tuning in
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Catch up and on demand error 669

I seem to be having the same issues as several others have mentioned whereby when trying to play on demand services on our VM box it returns the error code 669 and is only resolved (temporarily) by complete power down of the box and power on again. T...

Sanstorm by Joining in
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Resolved! Is this correct?

I noticed on my account web page that I have Sky Sports HD on my package @ £39.00 a month & Sky Sports SD @ £32.00 a month - is this correct? I only watch Sky Sports in HD so am I being charged for SD & HD?RegardsJohn

Problems with virgin remote - please help

Hi,I recently ordered a new remote from Virgin which was delivered a few months ago.Progressively across the top of the remote the buttons have stopped working, the power, home, TV, Guide and info, up and right buttons don't work, everything else see...

Koeman by Tuning in
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Can I Control The TV Volume On My Soundbar With The V6 Remote?

I had the V6 remote controlling my Panasonic TV fine. Just plugged in a new soundbar (Majority Snowdon) using an optical cable. Wondered if I could control the volume using my V6 remote?Looking at the forum for Majority it doesn't look like I can (sh...

Poddys by Dialled in
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