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Resolved! TV channels pixelating and stalling

Hi I've got the same service status note and I'm in SS2. Didn't report my issues as I hoped the Pluto one would solve all, but the fix date keeps moving. I have several pixelating channels and several that have an error CS2004. I paid £25 for the box...

lomcd by Joining in
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Resolved! Volume adjustment on 360 box?

Hi,I've paired some earbuds via BT from the audio out port on the 360 box.  Apart from poor latency, which I'll investigate, I have no way of adjusting the volume independently. My volume switch on the remote controls the TV and I have a seperate sou...

Bucky897 by On our wavelength
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Software version 5.10 has started to roll out.

As the subject line says, software version 5.10 has started to roll out to 360 boxes. While it looks to be a small and incremental update the one thing I have noticed so far is that the Catch Up, Box Sets, Movies, etc pages have been reorganized. Thi...

thrice by Fibre optic
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'Channel failed' message - CS2000

We have recently started getting a 'Channel failed' error message (code CS2000) on our screen whenever we try and use live pause or live rewind.I re-booted the box and it's still doing it.Can anyone help?Tony. 

milco by On our wavelength
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Play/Pause Button No Longer Work On Remote Control

The Play/Pause button on our remote control no longer works which means we are unable to play when rewinding or fast forwarding.We've replaced the batteries with new 'bunny' brand ones and it is still knackered. All the other buttons work fine.How do...

LHider by Joining in
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Voice control blocked by phonak tv connector

Hi,  Hopefully someone can help here.  I have new phonak hearing aids and have bought a Phonak TV connector.  Easy to install and work really somehow is blocking by voice contro for the 360 Box. As soon as I swit...

robball by Joining in
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Resolved! virgin 360 - does not wake from standby

My virgin 360 box was working fine but now does not wake up from standby and needs to be switched off and on via the the rear switch in order to work       [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

CJ38 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Coax cable extension

Hi, i was wondering if there was a way to get a longer coax cable to reach my router to my virgin 360 box. My router is needed at the opposite side of the house to the living room so I would need a longer one to get from one side of the house to the ...

Virgin TV screen flashing colours

Hello,we’ve had this for 2 days now, I’ve tried restarting everything, unplugging every cable and replugging it, went through video settings and nothing. The screen is constantly flashing multiple colours no matter if it’s a recording, live tv or any...

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Reset Virgin 360 box - lose all recordings

I've just had to factory reset my Virgin 360 box. I'm used to that. Over the last four months or so, I've had to do it every three weeks or so. I recognise the symptomsFirst the channel icons stop loadingThen the images on the home page and in the EP...

davorg by Up to speed
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