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Missing channels and picture quality is poor

Why the channels is missing and the quality is very poor , wasn’t like that when I bought the virgin , and tv 360 box is turn of and on by itself, how can I fix this ? Thank u 

Pirot by Joining in
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Resolved! Apps not launching

Does anyone have any problems getting into apps? It says they’re not launching on and off, with error code CS2400

On demand & paused programmes problem.

Hi, anybody know while watching on demand that sometimes they just stop & go to the TV guide & that also sometimes if you have a programme paused that when you un pause it reverts to live TV. Have checked service status which shows 2 faults, not as a...

kjb6372 by On our wavelength
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Recordings disappeared

Hi, I have a 360 box and all my recordings have disappeared in the past 24 hours. It was at 49% so nowhere near full, auto delete is off and there is no option to undelete, they've simply disappeared. I've switched both the box and router off, left f...

burnslor by Tuning in
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Sky sports UHD

Hi, I upgraded my contract and am happy with what I have, I went into my account and seen that I could upgrade sky sports to UHD for £1.93 per month, so I did this online and stated would be activated in 6th `September. That date has since been and g...

Resolved! TV360 Signal Connection, Short Connecting Cable

I have been having issues with the picture quality and when I ran the diagnostics it says “Signal quality not available” and gives an explanation what it could be, when I have checked the cable you can see it has started to break down and looks like ...

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DavidM71 by On our wavelength
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360 box without coax

Does anyone know what services work on the 360 box if you don’t plug into coax? The location of the cabling doesn’t work for us and I’m struggling to see how we can actually use it.

Chunks13 by Joining in
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Re: Mini box won't record

Hi Zach,I have the same issue that Stephen was having a year ago. When you say "record on the main box", what do you mean? the Apollo Mini Box is all that I was given by VirginMedia. 

360 Box with Hard Drive v Mini Box

Up until recently I had 3 360 boxes with hard drive, this was changed to 1 with Hard Drive and 2 mini boxes. The functionality is not at all good on the mini box. 1) Can only pause live TV for around 3 minutes ?2) with the Hard Drive Box you were abl...

davef28 by On our wavelength
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