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Tv 360 box flashing

My tv369 box is flashing and turn off and on by itself, and lost channels get lost , how can I fix it pleas 

Pirot by Joining in
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Recordings and on demand

Have just “upgraded” to 360 and have noticed that after recording an episode of a series, when I go back to watch it my recordings also show every available episode from on demand.Does anyone know if there is a way to only show what I’ve actually rec...

Resolved! Virgin 360 Coax Installation Points.

Hi I have a query re the set up of multi 360 TV system.I understand that you need coax running to all boxes on the system, my question is can i have 5-6 points installed and have a "portable" box so I can move it dependent on where it is needed ?Many...

Resolved! What channels are on Mega TV

I've received a call from that outbound offshore call centre.   She started off saying that she was going to upgrade me to the new top pack Mega TV & double my internet speed for £7 a month more.  I asked what it contained and she started saying how ...

Oscar1820 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! TV360 storage at 0%

I had a successful upgrade to TV360 via the software update a couple of weeks ago. For the past week, the percentage of storage is showing as 0% despite having about 10 hours of recordings. It was showing a realistic percentage during the first week....

Resolved! Don't like the 360 box

Hi, Just got the 360 box after my V6 box died after many years of great service. Does anybody agree that the 360 user interface, especially the channel guide is terrible?I have asked for a V6 box back, they can keep the 360, just awaiting a reply on ...

V360 / cancel series link / keep recordings

I set up a series link on a V360 box. Then after a few weeks I’d like to cancel the series link but keep all programmes which have been recorded so far. Is this possible?If this seems an odd request it is because I record quite a few old quiz shows (...

Resolved! 360 remote not delivered

Hi I ordered a virgin 360 replacement remote was told it would be 2-5 working days well these 2-5 working days have come and gone and still with out a remote so not able to watch TV. Its really great that I'm paying for something that I cannot use. P...

Mhoque by Joining in
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