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Sound cutting out for a second repeatedly

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I have an issue when watching virgin tv where the sound cuts out for a second, maybe slightly less, but it happens repeatedly at no apparent regular frequency, but enough that it's annoying - any suggestions to resolve this?



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Yes, I have the same issue. Normally 2 or 3 times in an evening. 

It happens on all content on the 360 box, prime video, Netflix, live and recorded programmes. 

I have a sound bar connected through an ARC connector if that is related to anyone else’s problem. 

Sounds like another sound issue the VM engineers need to fix along side of the Dolby sound out of sync.

Hopefully a future update will iron these out.

Yes, I get this too.

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Hi , had this from day one, tried everything , only way to resolve was soundbar connected to tv by optical cable . Virgin very quiet on this , quite common fault when using soundbar through hdmi arc connection. Never had fault on V6 box . Still waiting for answer .

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Thanks for all the comments confirming it's not just my box... would appreciate a moderator or official line on a resolution or timescale for this issue being resolved please.


Hi all,

Thanks for your posts and apologies for the issues you are having.

This isn't a raised fault as of yet but as a few people are having the same issue, we'd love to raise this to get checked on further.

Can you all reply with the answers to the following questions:

  • What tv box are you using? 
  • What devices? We specifically need the make, model and software version.
  • If it's on a device and not tv box, how are you watching?
  • Please confirm whether it's live TV, On Demand, Recordings or both.
  • Finally, does this only happen when connected with the sound bar or does it happen without as well?

I appreciate some of you have given this information already but if you can provide it all in one post this will help us gather the information 🙂

Many thanks,

Forum Team

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Hi Kath,

In answer to your questions:

  • Tivo V6 - 1 TB - TV360 Version 4.30 (Hardware version ARRIS-DCX960-MPA+)
  • Samsung 4K Q60T TV (Software version 1460), Samsung Soundbar Q60T
  • Problem with all sources through the TV360: live, catch-up, recorded, Netflix, Amazon prime
  • I can only use the TV using the sound bar, so I cannot confirm that it does not happen with out it. 

Thanks for raising this as a fault.


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TV360 Version 4.30 (Hardware version ARRIS-DCX960-MPA+).

SAMSUNG UE49RU7300KXXU. Software version 1374.

Problem with all sources.

TV Speaker only - no sound bar.

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I also get this regularly.

Notice in more on recorded or on demand programs

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Hi , upgraded from V6 ( no problem) to 360 box , wired same as V6 sound cuts out then returns garbled then ok. This happens on live tv , recordings , Netflix . System wired 360 to tv by hdmi , tv to soundbar hdmi arc . Fault rectified by using optical cable from tv  to soundbar but lose hdmi cec over soundbar . Sound just through tv speakers ok , fault only when soundbar on through hdmi arc .


System 360 Humax eos1008r-v001.     Sony Bravia tv kd55xd9305 (version7).       Sony soundbar ht-ct390.