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No end of issues - frustrated

Tuning in

I had a v360 box and mini box installed in October last year, the equipment itself worked fine although I considered leaving due to issues with bills and customer services, however i stuck with it…wish I hadn’t bothered!!!!!

i have the recording box in the living room as the other box in the bed room… a couple of weeks ago I started getting a message when trying to watch recordings in the bedroom saying living room box is offline or switched wasn’t at all… then I get a different message to say network busy turn off a streaming device, then I get a constant buffering message… numerous reboots haven’t solved the issue and I’m in at the end of my tether with it. 

I cannot wait until December when I can give my cancellation notice as I’m paying for something barely usable at the moment.

can anyone help? 


On our wavelength

Just got the buffering message tonight but i too have found the 360 boxes unreliable since changing to them last year and so far have had 3 new boxes due to them frying and stopping working...for the money they charge this is very unacceptable...

It’s extortion for the price, I moved from sky after 16 years… can’t wait to go back, VM customer service has been shocking so far..

Community elder

Hi Suzanne,

Do you have any problems watching on-demand or any streaming apps on the mini box to check your network connection to the hub, which I assume is wi-fi.

Also is the main box set to fast start or active start.


Hi @roy247

thanks for your reply… I’ve just been trying to watch a recording and I kept getting buffering and network busy messages, just flipped to box sets and watched some of the Lazarus project without any probs at all… gone back to try silent witness recording again and now I get the living room box switched off or offline message. 🙄🙄🙄

both boxes are set to fast start 


What virgin wi-fi bands options do you get when trying to connect to the hub, do you get both 2.4g + 5g options if you do try connecting to the 2.4g band if using the 5g band it's a stronger signal just not as fast but fast enough for streaming.

This may help with the connection to the main box is that connected to the hub using ethernet cable or wi-fi.

If you haven't got 5G and 2.4G bands then you need to split your Wi-Fi network, instructions on how to do that are in link below, when you have selected Advanced Settings you will also need to select Wireless, Wireless Signal and click on Disable Channel Optimization at the bottom then click on Apply Changes.

If you are using Virgin's Wi-Fi pods don't split your network.

Virgins Wi-Fi pods require the hub's Channel Optimization to be enabled.


Thank you, I’ve tried this just now so I’ll see how it goes. What an absolute pain though. 
also.. would you then use the 2.4g one to connect all my devices back to? And not use the 5g one at all 

I would use the 2.4g for your mini box connection and still use the 5g for everything else unless you have problems with your other devices, my mobile sometimes switches from the 5g connection to 2.4g when I go upstairs.


So I’m gonna sound really thick now but how do I actually change it on my minibox? Ive connected everything else to 2.4 for now to see what happens 🤣🤣

Go to Settings, System, Change connection type and select your 2.4 signal.