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Audio Sync problem with new 360 box

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I have had the new V6 /360 box for 10 days and have problems with the audio synchronisation.

My TV is a 4 year old 50" Sony Bravia with Sony sound bar. When I had the Tivo and the model before it I never had any problems.

The audio is okay with the soundbar off but when using the soundbar the audio drifts after about 5 mins. I have tried Dolby On/Off settings , audio delay set to 20m/sec and follow audio On/Off. All work for 5 mins then drift. 

I have telephoned Virgin on 2 occasions the 2nd time getting through to their 2nd tier support. Went through all the power down re-boot etc  but still the same issues.

Anyone else have this problem and any suggestions?



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I suppose there's always the option of getting a two (or more) in one out optical splitter if I ever need to have permanent connection from tv to amp. My bedroom TV has blueray and smart apps (more than my main screen as main screen is a pre android Sony and Sony don't support upgrades to pre android apps so few apps remain) so the optical direct to amp isn't an issue for me. However turning off my dolby which is why I bought a soundbar in the beginning is most definately a no go for me

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Also having issues with Audio Sync on 360 box, this is not an issue on live TV or on-demand, it's recordings only where these seems to be a problem, even adjusting audio delay does not make a difference and its seems to get more out of sync the more you play the recording. This is clearly a fault with the software as both the live TV or on-demand are fine. For example, I've recorded NCIS LA, it's really out of sync, so played the same episode on on-demand and no issues.

Come on Virgin, sort this!!

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Sadly I too am having sound sync issues thankfully it's not massively out of sync it's so so slightly out of sync but my field of work I can notice it a bit. 

My soundbar is old sadly, need to upgrade at some point so I only have the optical cable port for it no hdmi. Any recommendations? I know I saw directly into 360 from soundbar would sort it I imagine but  As I have a fire tv too it makes it easier to go directly through TV. I wish there was a way to go minus on the audio sync settings too 😩

@ JAK92


you could try disabling Dolby in the audio settings, as I have with no sync issues


Was just about to suggest disabling Dolby . That should solve the problem. Without a soundbar you shouldn't notice any difference to the quality of your sound 

I have a Panasonic sound base connected to my tv as the sounds better than the tv sound, as I am deaf in 1 ear Dolby, 3D surround are kinda wasted on me lol…..  as long as I can hear the tv and it’s in sync I’m happy

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This is 100% a software issue with the 360 software.

I've recently upgraded to 360 with just a software update to my current V6 boxes. The audio sync issue appeared straight after the software update. Everything else in the setup has been the same for years.

Is there any ETA from VM on fixing software so that we can reenable Dolby?

I've just found this thread as I sit here waiting for my old V6 box to update to 360 and I'm now dreading it....I have my soundbar contracted to my Samsung TV via optical.... didn't even know there was an optical output on the V6 box, I'm hoping mines ok 🥺 

Have you noticed any issues. I tried using the optical from tv to sound bar but still had the same issue. I've now got the optical cable plugged directly into the v6 box and it's better but the sound quality doesn't seem as good.