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Audio Sync problem with new 360 box

On our wavelength

I have had the new V6 /360 box for 10 days and have problems with the audio synchronisation.

My TV is a 4 year old 50" Sony Bravia with Sony sound bar. When I had the Tivo and the model before it I never had any problems.

The audio is okay with the soundbar off but when using the soundbar the audio drifts after about 5 mins. I have tried Dolby On/Off settings , audio delay set to 20m/sec and follow audio On/Off. All work for 5 mins then drift. 

I have telephoned Virgin on 2 occasions the 2nd time getting through to their 2nd tier support. Went through all the power down re-boot etc  but still the same issues.

Anyone else have this problem and any suggestions?



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Did this fix all channels I am currently watching a program we recorded the other day on bbc 2 and its out of sync 

I still think we should be able to shift negative and positive 

hopefully VM can address this issue soon as this has really ruined the upgrade experience 


Hi Jarrc4,

This will depend on how everything is connected, the TV360 will only add delay as the video can take different time's to process through a TV depending on the TV's picture settings. I originally had my previous box going through the TV so I could adjust the delay better, now the sound is going straight into the Sony Amp and the TV360 can adjust the delay, about the only thing the V6Tivo couldn't do. Depending on how you you have everything set up is it possible your TV is adding delay that can be adjusted on the TV and not on the TV360. I think my Samsung defaults to 120mS if you play the sound through that.

I have excatly the same issue , sound goes , picture stays and sound returns in a minute or two distorted for a few more seconds (30) then returns to normal.

That sounds like a completely different problem, maybe you should start a new post.

I had this exact sound breakup problem almost dalek like for a few seconds then sound returned to normal before drifting back out of sync and repeating as infinitum. I changed the convert to dolby to follow content. Got rid of dalek sounds but sync still plays up on recorded and live tv

Thanks roy247

turning Dolby to disable seems to give best results also able to adjust sync on both TV and Samsung sound bar 

may try inputting 360 direct to TV and bypass the bar as a test

as others mention we had no issue before upgrading so pretty frustrating that you possibly have to adjust so many settings depending on channel your watching 

Thanks for the tips


Joining in

Im having the same issue with audio sync. My tv is Panasonic and soundbar is Sony. The setup is soundbar to tv via hdmi arc, 360 box to tv. additionally the remote volume deactivates time-to-time and I have to re-pair. Really frustrating, as the engineers are now saying its a software issue, not a hardware. It worked perfectly fine before upgrading. 

waiting to hear on what the next steps are regarding this from virgin. 


To solve this you must connect direct from 360 box to amp


I do this using optical from virgin box to Sony ht3 amp 


I connect hdmi from virgin box to Sony bravia TV (hdmi socket not hdmi arc)


I have No connection from amp to TV. This causes the sync problem 


Follow my steps and it should solve all audio problems 

optical connection via vbox to tv or tv to amp works fine. Its a setup ive used before HDMI ARC was introduced. 

The problem with this setup is you now need to use 2 remote to control sound. Unless, you’re setup allows that. A step backwards in comparison to all other boxes, including the old v6 box. 

guess virgin have to step up with firmware updates pretty quick. 


Same issue for me.  The issue is with Dolby audio.  If it's switched on then there an audio sync issue.  Switched off in the settings and the issue has gone (but things sound worse).

I use HDMI ARC from the TV to the soundbar.

Changing Audio Sync just makes the problem worse because you can only + it.  The sync issue needs to be -.


Virgin TV 360 + Virgin TV 360 Mini

Gig1 > Hub 4 in Modem Mode > Taotronics Mesh Wi-Fi