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Resolved! Wifi no longer visible on London underground

Hi all,  I noticed for the first time today that the usual virgin media WiFi network isn't there on the tube. Is this being phased out?     [MOD EDIT: Please see update on post 111 here]      

ruswit by On our wavelength
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Issues receiving OTP text messages

Hi All,  We are aware that some customers may be experiencing issues receiving OTP text messages. Our support team are investigating this issue and we will update this thread with any progress.  Thanks Mod Team

ModTeam by Moderator
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Text message harassment while abroad

I’m on holiday in St Lucia and Virgin Media are bombarding me with text messages with (1) welcome to X your local call charges are Y and (2) No data or picture messaging service? Text ALL to 789922 and we'll send the settings to your phone .. I am qu...

MikeB59 by Joining in
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Accessing voicemail

I am unable to access my voicemail. It requires a pin. I am not aware if setting up a pin. I have tried ringing customer services on numerous occasions which just cuts off after several rings. I gave also sent a message through chat with no response....

Voicemail retrieval

Just a quick question. Is it correct that voicemails are deleted automatically 3 weeks after hearing them for the first time? Thanks

Bucky897 by On our wavelength
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Switching to Iphone

My husband and myself have a monthly contract with Virgin for a phone which ends in 3 months time. Also a monthly contract for our sim cards. We have just bought new Iphones and want to put our sims in the the new phones (we are paying off the contra...

alliejb by Tuning in
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Resolved! New phone and sim but cant connect.

I have received a new mobile and sim but cannot get connected. The phone sees the sim but says emergency calls only. I do not have the old sim available. 

Power73 by Tuning in
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O2 settings for iPhone same as Virgin Mobile?

I had a Virgin mobile sim using in an iPhone, then was switched to o2 so I now administer and log into my phone account on O2 and seems to be a separate contract than with my other Virgin Broadband services.  Not sure if related but the mobile data p...

gp2229 by Joining in
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Can't Always Imessage since changing to Virgin

I'm extremely frustrated. I get I'm not good with technology but I've never had this problem before. I changed from EE to Virgin and now I can't iMessage everyone (can some but this appears to be via email rather than phone number), I've read online ...

SerenaS by Joining in
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Resolved! No 5g on calls

When ever I make a call my 5g completely drops to hh+ or 3g.I read that you have to ring virgin to activate volte but they were a waste of time when I rang, my sim only contract ends next month and I am seriously thinking of moving carriers. Has anyo...

Ash1967 by Joining in
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Data usage

Hi, my daughter has been on the same plan the whole time she has had her mobile. This month she has run out of data. She has a huge amount and never uses it all. We looked at her itemised use and "Internet use" is recorded pretty much 24/7. She hates...

micromel by Tuning in
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