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Virgin Mobile plans have moved to O2

In January 2023, we announced that Virgin Mobile customers would be moving to O2 plans by the end of the year, and that we’d be simplifying our mobile offering under the O2 and giffgaff brands. We've now completed this activity, and if you need help...

Kei_M by Community Manager
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Info please

I used a PAC code to switch from Virgin to EE and got a new phone at the same time and kept my same number. That is all up and running. Yesterday my Virgin mobile was deactivated, ie can no longer text or make calls. I assume this means the swap to E...

Bogdan3 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Contract Security Key

Hi. I cannot find the email with my security key for my contract. Can you help thanks?Cheers.

kildrum by On our wavelength
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Phone not receiving calls

I switched from Virgin to 3 around 2.5 weeks ago due to bad internet with Virgin. In the week that I was with 3 my phone could not receive calls from anyone, and whenever someone tried to phone it would just say phone not recognised and not go to voi...

Tellrose by Joining in
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Double-Double Charged

For a while now the bill has been higher than expected. 19 ish instead of 13 ish. Last month really took the goat. Jumped to 30 something. This month I’ve been switched over to O2 and am being charged separately now by both O2 and Virgin?!? Sorry, bu...

Can’t receive calls or texts

moved and took my number to virgin and it won’t work. Sent me a new sim that didn’t work either, a week of being on the phone no one will resolve, just hang up. Told them it’s a split port issue won’t listen they have a script of tests then a new sim...

RC23 by Joining in
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Stop outage texts

My elderly neighbour was having issues with her home telephone and I signed up for texts about her outage issue while helping her out. The problem was resolved weeks ago but I am still receiving these texts with new updated dates - in the last half h...

glm74 by Joining in
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Unable to verify email address for my account

I’ve recently joined virgin mobile and been trying to log in to give my pac code but I’ve not received any verification emails to any of my mailbox folders. I also provided my pac code when I joined so not sure if I need to provide it again if someon...

Not receiving reset password email

I've been trying to reset my password but the email is not coming through. I've tried several times now. Can someone take a look please?Thanks

dsokan by Joining in
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Voicemail Pin - Unknown

Hi all, I'm currently away travelling for summer, and I've received a few voicemails that I'd like to check but everytime I go to it, it asks for a PIN that I don't recall setting up? I don't remember ever setting a PIN for my voicemail.  I have alre...

Resolved! Virgin Mobile not Receiving Calls, Texts or Voicemail

My Samsung S6 has stopped receiving Calls (they go straight to voicemail) and Texts and I'm not notified about any voicemails that have been left. But I can still make calls and texts.I did an online text "Chat" with someone from Virgin technical sup...

Marshally by On our wavelength
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