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Loss of Voicemail - F010940301

Hi, We’re aware that some customers may be experiencing issues with their voicemail right now. We are working to resolve this and apologise for any inconvenience caused. All other services – including calls, TV and broadband – are working as usual.  ...

ModTeam by Moderator
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After calling in and explaining several times I have been overcharged, the lady just didn't understand me!  I gave up buy I am fuming because this happens on a regular basis especially when I change my package.  Any suggestions!

Ren22 by Joining in
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Error EC:9999 Stuck in Copenhagen Airport! Help!

I forgot to turn on roaming before i left the UK and now when im trying to do it in denmark, it just keeps saying something went wrong. I cant be left off the grid in a different country, please help me! I cant sign in as the app tries to text me and...

Voicemail pin

I am in tenerife and trying to access my voicemail its asked me for a pin I've never set one up 

Rich2472 by Joining in
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Soft lock prevents changing plan?

Hello,I logged into my mobile account today to look at switching my plan.. I've seen one on a comparison site for half of what I'm currently paying that has more minutes.Message pops up that the account is soft locked. After a quick search on here it...

Bex86 by Joining in
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Resolved! Change Mobile Number

I've had my current Virgin mobile number for around 20 years and have begun to get an increasing number of unwanted calls. Is it possible to chnage the current number?Thanks.

S001 by Joining in
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No network on mobile after Virgin Mobile switch to O2

I’ve been switched over to O2.  I'm getting no network on my phone & says emergency calls only.  I had SMS from O2 and Virgin a couple of days before the switch but received no code before the switch. The service status for my area is good. As others...

TheGills by Joining in
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I have a O2 sim (swopped from VM to O2 a few months with VM package change) I also still have a VM SIM (wife's phone notification says due to swop to O2 early July). When I use the VM app I can no longer see my wife's SIM just a link to my O2 SIM whi...


Hi I’m trying to turn on roaming from my account but it says there are difficulties at the moment and an error message comes up Ec9999. I’ve set my mobile as turned on on my device, will this still work in the EU or do I still need it turned on in my...

Deemal by Joining in
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