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Loss of Voicemail - F010940301

Hi, We’re aware that some customers may be experiencing issues with their voicemail right now. We are working to resolve this and apologise for any inconvenience caused. All other services – including calls, TV and broadband – are working as usual.  ...

ModTeam by Moderator
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Resolved! No Phone Reception At Home

I have no mobile phone reception at home the majority of the time and have one bar if I am lucky.This is also the case with my wife's phone who is also with Virgin Mobile.This was never the case when "Virgin" used EE. My son is with "3" and has full ...

O2 service

Hi I have re-signed with you on your biggest package. I am still waiting to hear from O2 re new SIM card etcCan you advise please as I am being charged for it

Credit agreement number

Hi.How can I get hold of my credit agreement number and security key. I have searched my emails but can't find it anywhere and the virgin website doesn't help

4g and 5g speeds are just shocking

HiLeft 02 because there data service was just horrendous and went to virgin mobile and low and behold these muppets merged with 02 !!!4g and 5g speeds are just shocking, i go in the canteen at work and i can't even get  a data signal!!. The ironic th...

craig38 by On our wavelength
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Lost sim

Hi,I've lost my sim card and want to request a replacement sim. I am abroad at the moment and cannot call. Thank you.AY2

AY2 by Joining in
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Resolved! Buying a new Apple iPhone

My Apple iPhone 6 is reaching the end of its life. It no long accepts any software updates, the battery max capacity is down to 90% and I received my first weird error message when I recently recharged it.I’m on Virgin Media’s Promo 100GB + unlimited...

Rogue99 by Joining in
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Credit agreement

I want to sign in to check my direct debit details, but I can’t find my agreement number or my security key. I have looked through my emails and I’m lost.