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Resolved! Wifi no longer visible on London underground

Hi all,  I noticed for the first time today that the usual virgin media WiFi network isn't there on the tube. Is this being phased out?     [MOD EDIT: Please see update on post 111 here]      

ruswit by On our wavelength
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Issues receiving OTP text messages

Hi All,  We are aware that some customers may be experiencing issues receiving OTP text messages. Our support team are investigating this issue and we will update this thread with any progress.  Thanks Mod Team

ModTeam by Moderator
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Resolved! Voicemail pin

I’m currently abroad and would like too use my voicemail but it’s asking me for a pin but I don’t have one 

Alfie_1 by Tuning in
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Wifi Calling not activating

Hello,I've tried activating wifi calling, waiting 24 hours and turning iphone off and on again, but no joy. Any ideas on what we can do?iPhone 14Latest iOS (16.5)Virgin MobileTa

Order still Parked

I ordered a phone last week on the 18th May on the phone with one of the team and I still have not recieved my contract that I need to sign. I was told I would have it by Monday and still haven't heard anything back, it has been almost a week. I woul...

Bella06 by Joining in
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broken sim

HI i have been speaking to a nice man called John but i have not heard anything in the last two i need a new sim card as i have broken mine and need it by saturday as i go on holiday can anyone help

New replacement sim not working

Hi,          I inserted the replacement sim which I got yesterday to my mobile & restarted it multiple times. It has been more than 24 hours now . It is showing no service or coverage . It was supposed to work without any issues.

AlphaR by Joining in
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No data roaming In Spain

I did not realise that I needed to turn on Roam Like Home before I left UK.  So I'm now in Spain with no service of phone, messages, data.  I've tried to access my account on my tablet to turn on roaming but my password seems incorrect.  I've asked t...

Mimo2057 by Joining in
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Split port issue

I've brought over my phone number from LycaMobile,as of yesterday the port has been confirmed as completed.Sadly I cannot receive any calls (I can place them, send/receive sms, use mobile), so it looks like to be a split port issue. When someone dial...

alekc by Joining in
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Ridiculous Problems - Account/Cancellation

Hey all. I've got a set of ridiculous issues (typically its Virgin again) and I'm absolutely at my wits end with it.Back in Dec/Jan I purchased 2 SIMs to use on a monthly basis for a few months ( whilst signed into an OLD account 10+ years). The tran...

TikTak by On our wavelength
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Broken Sim Card

good morning i have broken my Virgin sim card and need a replacement i cannot use the card at all can someone help

Change sim only 30 day contract before O2 switch

In my account I have my own contract and 2 30 day sim only contracts(my kids use these).I want to change 1 of them to a cheaper (with a lot more data) 30 day plan but when I try online I get the same plan offered that it is on now yet on the VM mobil...

Serum67 by On our wavelength
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