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TV Go - Connection showing offline

Hi,  we're aware of an issue that may be affecting some customers using the TV Go app for functions such as the remote control function, or viewing recording whilst on their home network. When trying to do this, TV Go will advise that the set top box...

ModTeam by Moderator
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Re: Can't watch recordings on tv go on laptop

I can watch recorded shows on my Google Pixel 7 mobile phone via the Virgin TV Go app. So why not on my Windows 11 laptop???If SKY can provide a fully functioning 'on the go' product without rights and restrictions issues, why can't Virgin? And why's...

Sky sports app sign in.

 I have sky sports on virgin media and I am trying to sign in to the sky sports app. I click the Virgin Media button and enter my sign in details. It then goes on to the set pin page. I enter my pin and confirm pin but it doesn’t move on from there. ...


Prog no longer avaliable on Watchlist via TVGO

I started watching my wishlisted programme The Flash TV series via TV GO on my desktop browser and roughly a week ago it said that despite it was still on my wishlist, that is was only avaliable to view on my Virgin TV Box.I had gotten to episode 15 ...

Oleh by On our wavelength
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Maximum of devices reached

Can someone please reset my devices on the my TV Go account. Go seems to want me to register my laptop each time I use Virgin Go. Therefore it is registered 3 times which means that I have in theory exceeded my limit (2 other devices are correctly re...

TV go Registered devices limit

I recently started using the Virgin TV go website to watch Stargate SG1 in my office.The problem is EVERY TIME i load firefox up it tells me to re-register a device! This has now come to the point it is telling me to wait until November 1st to change...

Mechrior by Joining in
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Resetting registered devices for Sky Sports

I currently have 4 devices registered for Sky Sports. They all used to be clearly labelled, by me, as to which devices they were. I've recently added a new device, to replace one that is no longer in use, only to find that only one device now has the...