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Sky sports on web browser - an unknown error has occurred, wholesale error

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On chrome on my laptop I tried logging into Sky Sports via Virgin Media login page. From the sky sports page, I click login 'Virgin Media UK sign in', and then I am brought to a page that says "There was an unexpected error" (addr: Incognito mode on Chrome does not work, and neither does Safari. 

I have tried clearing the cache and all cookies for sky sports but nothing seems to work. Chrome is up to date. Others seem to have had a similar problem and for some the fix just happened out of the blue, but none have worked for me.

I have a screenshot of the page that comes up when I try to login

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

unknown errorunknown error


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Just replying to say I'm also seeing exactly the same issue

Same here - who to contact to escalate??

Same for me. Do Virgin not monitor this?

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Seeing the same issue, looks like it could be an auth issue on the sky end because logging into the virgin website works fine. Hope someone can look into this!

Update - this has just started working for me now

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I get the same issue and was hoping to tag along here and see if there is a solution. I also see there is an issue with Virgin TV in the area, but surely that should not affect Sky Sports. 

Tried ringing the support, the usual topics we went through. Cookies, re-install the app on the tablet. The browser was unblocked and no VPN. Have I got too many registered devices and so on? 

Just managed to login - maybe everyone trying to log into cricket!!!

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Update - it is now working for me as well! Hopefully fixed long-term and the issue does not reappear

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Working for me now as well

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I am getting exactly the same issue as Pirlmo1.

I have tried restarting and clearing cookies etc but still not working.

Please can I have some help