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Log in to Sky Sports failing

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Hi All

I am trying to access Sky Sports via Tv on the go by logging in on a browser (Chrome and Firefox).

Working fine yesterday but today I click log in and if lucky get the choose VM option and enter the e-mail and password and it then goes back to the main sky sports page and nothing is logged in. Most times it doesn't even go to the log in page but just goes back to the main sky sports page.

I have tried two different pcs, two different browsers (chrome and firefox) and have tried clearing the cache, cookies etc and made sure the browsers are fully up to date.

Any other suggestions I can try or is this another issue with Sky Sports (like the one a few days ago) that they will eventually fix.



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Hi all,

We've been advised by our support teams that the fault has now been fixed. 

If anyone is still facing issues then please let us know. 


Dean C
Community Moderator 

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Hi just tried using the windows app round my dad's. Will not login just keeps going round in circles and will only login via sky's choice. It's on a desktop tried uninstall, cookies etc but won't go pass that I have n9 idea even tried a new browser

Please help


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having the exact same problem, tried resetting password and clearning the cache, reboot machine and didn't work, hopefully somone from Skysport/VM can sort it...

I'm having the same problem too - fine before today.  Let's hope they sort it quickly - v annoying

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Yep I'm having the same problem today on both my PC's (Windows 11). I can still watch Skysports on my TiVo box or via the Skysports app on my Android phone. Let's hope they sort it soon!

I try and log in on sky sports page but the page never says “logged in”. Gone thru all the clearing cache etc but not working. Won’t let you log in. Needs sorting. 

On our wavelength

Strange one this. I am subscribed through Virgin for Sky Sport. Until today I had no problems logging in on my laptop. Today however, when I try it just loops back to the log in screen. The device is registered as is my mobile to watch Sky Sport. Curiously I can still log on on my mobile. There is nowhere on the Virgin site when I log into it to see what devices are registered on my package  to watch Sky Sport or make any changes  I spoke to an agent on the phone who was very pleasant but useless when it can to resolving the issue. Very frustrating. 

Could any agent please pick this up asap in order the issue can be resolved. Thanks in anticipation



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hi trying to watch the big match but virgintvgo stuck in a sign in loop

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Same thing seems to be happening for me too, tried both chrome & firefox, only thing that works at the mo is the sky sports app on my phone.

Happening for me on Safari on a Mac. I found the sky devices by going to account settings, device management, which shows registered VM devices, press 'back' &  a menu appears with SKY Device Settings on it. Hope this helps