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Help can’t watch saved programmes on app

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I can’t seem to watch any saved programmes on my app, it was working fine 2 days ago, it now says “Turn on virgin Tv box, the recording is stored on your virgin to box, to start watching make sure you are connected to the same home network as the box and that the box is switched on” 

it is on, but my app says it is offline but yet I can watch live tv on my app 

does anyone have any ideas what I need to do please ? 


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I’ve had exactly the same problem for the last few days. I can watch live tv on either my iPhone or iPad but for some unknown reason I am now unable to watch recorded programmes on either device. I receive the standard error message telling me to turn on my Virgin TV box which is switched on. I’ve noticed that Virgin TV is greyed out. Any suggestions would be appreciated because I’ve tried a number of options without any success 

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Mine is also greyed out, tried rebooting but nothing is working, frustrating and can’t seem to find any help 

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Snap. Annoyed and frustrated. 

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I’m getting the same issue and would love to get it sorted any help from Virgin techies would be great 

Hello all, we're sorry to hear of the issues experienced and are aware of a problem with TV Go and 360 boxes. This is being looked into with a view to resolving by the support teams and we will update here as soon as we hear more.



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Exactly same issue. Can watch live on ipad try to watch saved and get box not connected to the network. Tried on a few devices and same message.

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Same issue here... I wonder how long till this is fixed. Should be getting a discount on next bill although I'm sure that won't happen.

Hi @Samy648 and @shahid_mahmood1 

Sorry to hear you are both experiencing a similar issue. Our team is doing their best to work to resolve this. You can find all you need to know here TV Go - Connection showing offline - Virgin Media Community - 5486615


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