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TV Go - Connection showing offline



we're aware of an issue that may be affecting some customers using the TV Go app for functions such as the remote control function, or viewing recording whilst on their home network.

When trying to do this, TV Go will advise that the set top box is 'offline' or ask to 'turn on Virgin TV box'. We are currently investigating this issue, however in order to assist this we are asking that anyone who is experiencing this issue to please send a private message to ModTeam with the following information, we will then pass this information onto our support team to assist with the investigation;

  • Is you set top box turned on when attempting this
  • What set top box do you have (e.g. 360, V6, Stream)
  • Please make sure the Standby power is set to either Active or Fast Start – TVGo does not connect if the box is in Eco mode.
  • Please go to the TVGo App / Settings / Diagnostics and send us a copy of what is listed

Thank you