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Stream FAQs

STREAM FAQs: What is Stream?Stream is our new TV product providing a subscription-based streaming service. It's a flexible offering, allowing you to choose and manage your subscriptions yourself and not be bound to a minimum contract term for TV serv...

Zach_R by Forum Team
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New Stream Box - purple light

Hi. I have a new VM Stream box. Followed instructions, all plugged in successfully. Amber light was solid and is now purple. No welcome screen ever appeared on the TV. Tried turning on and off but no different. Any suggestions? Thanks 

Jpituk by Joining in
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Resolved! Stream box audio frustrations

I've had a stream box since October and I'm generally very pleased with it.  But its very frustrating that it's audio capabilities, seem to offer an either / or choice, rather than 'smart' solutions. I have the box direct to an 2022 LG tv connected b...

Mike6222 by Joining in
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Sky Sports on Stream

Considering ditching Sky and paying for Sky Sports via Stream. Is the £18.75 per month price just for the first 18 months or permanent?

jtready by Tuning in
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Resolved! TNT Sport pending

I ordered TNT in July but it is still pending and I am in a no man’s land of can’t watch the channel and can’t add it. Many many calls to the Virgin call line, they are nice enough but cannot help or fix it and pass me on to another team. Does anybod...

Apple TV app locks up

Just got stream in. Works great but Apple TV app locks up after start up. works fine on my phone so it’s not an account issueanyone any suggestions ?

Resolved! No Stream boxes?

I would like a Stream box, but was told they are none in stock (since November) and that there is no date for when they will be back in stock and no mechanism for pre-ordering or getting a notification for when they will be back in stock.  Are we exp...

Stream box error CS9005

Any suggestions how to get past stream box error CS9005?Stream box has solid red light, won't connect to WiFi network and does not respond to remote. 

add9000 by Joining in
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Apple TV - showing as not subscribed

I signed up for the free trial for the Apple TV app last week via my virgin box app. It didn't activate and kept sending me round and round the QR code scenario from my phone when I tried to watch something.Today my free trial ended, they ...

Kjb1975 by Joining in
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