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Stream FAQs

STREAM FAQs: What is Stream?Stream is our new TV product providing a subscription-based streaming service. It's a flexible offering, allowing you to choose and manage your subscriptions yourself and not be bound to a minimum contract term for TV serv...

Zach_R by Forum Team
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Stream box won't turn on

Hi,Recently joined Virgin and got a Stream box as part of our broadband package. I've followed all of the instructions but the box just won't turn on.I've tried using a different USB cable, USB plug and different plug sockets in the wall - nothing ha...

Resolved! Is this possible....

Essential broadband plus with Stream54Mbps Fibre BroadbandThis applies to new and existing customers.Social type tariff, maybe I could swap from 360/500mb.

Donfor40 by Superfast
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Stream Credit from BT Sports

Hi,I have BT sports subscription on my virgin Stream account, but Ive not been getting the 10% credit each month for the subscription.Is there any way I can contact someone to get this sorted? Thanks

paul1973 by On our wavelength
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Boot Up Failure Stream Box

Just received a new Steam Box. Setup was easy, it instantly recognised my Sony TV so volume, standby etc works from the new remote. I was very impressed until...I turned the stream box off with the remote (light goes blue as it should), turned it bac...

Norm1505 by Joining in
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Netflix account suspended

HelloCan someone please help as I’m currently being passed from pillar to post.I’m 13 months into an 18 month ultimate package (including Netflix) and today the Netflix account has been suspended.  I have made numerous calls to both VM and one to Net...

Resolved! Dolby 'Bug' continues, is it from broadcast end.

Noticed what I thought was 360 box Dolby bug is back with revenge via Stream.My viewing habits means I notice dropped DD when switching channel or using live pause.Is the only solution another few months of manually  switching from 'follow content' t...

Donfor40 by Superfast
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Record button to add/view watchlist

I'm really enjoying my stream box. I think it's so much better than the Sky Stream product. Although I would like the option to have more than one box, and Sky Atlantic would be good too, but I know Sky would block that! My only frustration is the re...

Stream Box constantly breaking

Constantly had issues (only six weeks in to a new contract with Virgin Media, never been with them before) with the Stream Box. Tried all the fixes suggested in the forum's etc. Are these boxes fit for purpose? They seem completely useless to me as a...

‘Adding’ Sky Sports

What is the issue with these virgin stream boxes and the “adding” bug? This is the third time since I have had the box, that I have had the same issue of trying to add services via the app within the menu, when it simply says ‘adding’, I have phoned ...

IPTV is blocked

Hi;I believe my Virgin Media hub is blocking my IPTV during the Premier League matches which is really annoying. As not all IPV is illegal, how do I stop the hub blocking my IPTV?Thanks