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Symmetric speed saga

Tuning in

I was really excited to see symmetric speed available in my area (a XGSPON area) when it was first launched by VM. I requested it 5 different attempts via online chat with lots of different answers ranging from 'It's not available' to 'it will cost an extra £26/month'. After the 4th attempt I opened a complaint.

The complaint responded saying I could have 1Gb + symmetric for a total of £45/month and asked me to reply - I did. Then today I get a phone call from a customer service person who rescinded the £45/month offer and said "It's not available, it's only available to 2k customers as a trial"... even though I told him if i go on the site and attempt to sign up as a new customer I have the option to select it, and none of the statements from VM or on ISP Review state it's a trial. He couldn't answer and just seemed keen to close my complaint. I said I was not happy with the non-explanation given, and then 5 mins later I get an email saying he's closed my complaint - even though I said i wasn't satisfied that the complaint had been dealt with. I've since reopened the complaint and am hoping it can get sorted by someone who knows what they're doing.

My original install of VM was abysmal and resulted in a hefty charge to VM - I thought it'd be much easier than this to try and pay VM more money by getting an upgrade. The fact I've had to open a complaint to try and pay VM more money is ludicrous.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Martyn wrote:

my trail ran out 15th, got my 500mb installed 16th, and its 500/500 just waiting for my volt upgrade now to 1000/1000


Hi Martyn,

Sorry to be a party pooper but you can upgrade to Gig1 from M500 for free if it's your first Volt speed boost, however the upload speed is restricted to 200 unless you pay extra to increase the upload speed to Gig1. 

The info below is from the Offers > Volt Benefits sub-section on the  page

Volt benefits: Volt benefits available if you have or sign up to both an eligible Virgin Media broadband service and an eligible O2 Pay Monthly tariff. Excludes Essential broadband customers from 10 November 2022. Volt benefits include (1) Virgin Media broadband speed boost to the next available level (up to a max of 1Gbps download speed) available to you in at the point you place your order to become supercharged with Volt. Doesn’t include Upload speed add-on

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Very Insightful Person

I know this was announced, but I believe it’s not available in all areas and you will be advised by email when it is available in your area. These announcements seem to be made without any information being passed to the support teams. 

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Tuning in

on the phone now... shall see how it goes