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M250 WiFi really slow

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I have finally got M250 broadband installed after 8 months delay and my internet speed is really slow. I have just ran a scan and I’m in the room with the router and the WiFi speed is really slow. I have attached my speed now. This is how it is all the time. I have 6 devices connected. One of  them is an iPhones which is not streaming or being used as it is 1 am. The other iPhone is mine and I can’t even watch a simple YouTube video. The other 4 are my nest thermostat, nest doorbell, and my two cameras. 
I have tried several times to report this to Virgin support but they are not helpful at all. They just tell me to get a WiFi pod which isn’t helpful as I sit next to the router. I don’t have an objects blocking the router.

I will appreciate what I can do to improve this as the reason why I got M250 was to ensure that I can use my internet on multiple devices. This is ridiculous as firstly my installation was delayed by 8 months and I have been back and forth with Virgin about my speed since then. My services were installed on December 2023 and I have literally been passed around for 3 months trying to get this resolved. The agents tell you they will call you back in few hours/ days and no one calls. I will randomly receive a call from them after sometime and the cycle repeats again. 



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What Hub do you have ? 3, 4, or 5

250 Mbits with 6 devices sharing, would mean they would be using 42 each.

It may be prudent to use a PC or Laptop with a Ethernet port or a USB to Ethernet converter & plug directly into your Hub. Disconnect the WiFi devices while you run the check. 

If you get the Virginmedia app you can run a check via WiFi directly to the hub.

WiFi speeds are best if connected to the 5 GHz network. You may want to login to the hub on Login details should be on the label on the Base or rear of the hub. Check the 5 Ghz is switch on.


I have HUB 3.0

I uploaded the screenshot from the Virgin connect app earlier. I have now ran it from the virgin media app as advised and it states that there are no issues.

5 ghz is switched on.

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