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Upgraded from Superhub 2 to Superhub 4 - no management access in modem mode

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A few weeks ago, I was asked to upgrade from my Superhub 2 and a superhub 4 was sent. I always use modem mode as I prefer to use my own router/firewall. I've been through the reset process several times switching to modem mode, but I am unable to access the hub settings once its switched over. times out, and no ping response. I can see the public address learned through DHCP on my outside interface of my router, and internet access works normally. I just cannot reach the superhub. When in router mode I can browse to just fine. I've gone through the reset / switch modes a few times leaving it alone for a good 10-20 minutes. 

The support on the website is useless and sends you around this reset loop. Is there anyone here that can help?





What IP range is used on the LAN of your 3rd party Router ?   

I have multiple, in the range. All are configured to hide nat behind the interface facing the superhub. I will add there have been no internal changes, only swapped out the superhub, and I could browse to the address of the superhub2 prior to swapout (I grabbed some status screenshots). 



To add further as I meant to mention this in the original post: when do the status check on the vm support page, it says there is something rong with the hub and it needs to be reset (which I've done manually multiple times), the automatic reset also fails from the webpage. So I think management access is broken completely. Is it a firmware issue? I've seen others post similar issues. 

Try a 60 second pinhole reset of the hub with no ethernet connection. 

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Alessandro Volta

Depending on what router you have you can put a virtual interface on WAN with then when you go to your router will ARP to the hub.


Thank you, done that multiple times. 

Thanks for the suggestion, I cant do that with the current device, I do have several routers though that I can test that on. In theory it shouldn't need to arp as the default route will carry the traffic through to the superhub and it should intercept it (I suspect thats what the superhub2 does as it just worked without any secondary addressing on the wan interface). I'll try a different router and see if I can at least reach the management interface. 

On our wavelength

It won’t work anyway, it’s nothing to do with ARP resolution - as you obviously know, the way it works is that the hub  intercepts outbound traffic with a destination address of (which normally isn’t routable and wouldn’t go anywhere) and redirects it to the internal web server.

Since you have already done the full factory reset dance, with no improvement, the hub is faulty and needs replacing. However it’s going to be something akin to one of the labours of Hercules to get VM to agree to this. Their knee-jerk reaction will be, ‘Do you have internet connectivity? Yes? That’s fine - goodbye’!

On the other hand, in modem mode there really isn’t any need to access the hub’s interface, unless you want to look at the connection details. There are no ‘settings’ to adjust as it’s simply acting as a bridge. Honestly is everything is working OK, I’d leave well alone.

Thanks, I need to speak to them on another matter, so I'll see how far I get. 

I do like the ability to check the docsis status when there are issues, so accessing the management page is desirable rather than required, but lets see what they say.

You're right though, it'll probably end up being just live with it lol.