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Starting to doubt i'll ever get service

Tuning in

Long story short been waiting since October 16th (1st install date) moved from original date of 5th Oct. Had 6 visits so far all saying same thing PON numbers don't match so can't install. After last visit received email stating next appointment would be 31/1/24.

Was just leaving for work this morning (18/1) and got an email at 8:38 saying installation had changed and would be coming today between 8 am and 1 pm. Luckily I'm in a position whereby I could re-arrange things and work from home, but i've not heard anything and guess who hasn't turned up!!!

App showing visit scheduled for 31st, really beginning to think I am wasting my time, and worrying that if they can't even get an install sorted and repeatedly mess you around when doing it, then what is the service going to be like if (and that if is doing a lot of work here) it ever actually gets installed!!!!




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Jedathoss 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community. Very sorry to hear of the install delay. From checking, it's an issue with the cabling/system but I'll send you a PM to raise a case and re-assign to the relevant team.

Forum Team

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So quick update, received the PM and sent details heard nothing back!! in the meantime have had another installation appointment but colour me shocked the PON numbers still don't match!

By my reckoning based on the compensation now owed i won't actually have to pay for service for around 18 months, that is of course if i ever get service in the first place!




Hi J,

Sorry if you're waiting on a response, we can set the agent you spoke with has passed your complaint on to the install team.

To discuss this further you can speak with the team on 150/ 0345 454 1111 and you will automatically be connection to the specialist team for your area.