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PreInstallation was marked as completed but the PrePull was never done

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Last Friday i got a text saying all external work had been completed and i was ready for my installation, so this day comes and the engineer turns up and says the pre pull was never done and the cable end is still sat in the pavement outside my house. 

Its been 3 days now and I've heard nothing. Apparently this work is done by Comex2000, I've called up multiple customer support lines with them all promising me the engineer will turn up 'Today' but guess what, they never show.

I work from home and have been without internet since i moved in back in october. Very frustrated at all of this!


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Update. After countless phone calls to preinstallation team I finally got through to a UK call centre who was able to book for the contractors to come tomorrow and arranged a new install date for Monday, I received follow up emails and can see both appointments in my account. Already sounding better than the 'We promise someone is coming today' I've been getting from the offshore call centres. Fingers crossed

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So they sent out a surveyor to tell me the pre pull was not done, its getting quite comical now. Phoned up and no one has any idea when this is going to be done.

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Did your initial order confirmation email say that your service would go live on x date? If so then you are due compensation for each day that this goes on past that date, plus an amount for each visit where someone turns up to tell you they are ready to install (requiring you to be there) and then can't do the job.

Yeah it was meant to go live on 23rd December 2023, coming up to almost a month late now. The installation engineer is coming again tomorrow, even though the cable still isn't up to the house.

Called the preinstallation team about 4 times yesterday each time it was a different person who uselessly told me the pre pull will be done Monday morning. I want to know if thats going to be before or after the engineer comes.

Hey tompenn18,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the almost month long issues that you’ve had with your install, I have looked into this and can see that you had a visit since you last posted and you have now been installed, is everything now working as it should be for you?

Kind Regards,