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Potential Customer but not before I know my newly laid drive will not be dug up

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Hi - I would appreciate any input re this. My contract with my existing provider ends in June. I am thinking of signing up with Virgin for one of their Volt packages. There is  a Virgin Fibre Connecting Box on the path directly at the bottom of my newly laid drive.  Apparently I am unable to get an engineer out to discuss what they are going to do until I sign up.  I don't want to do this until I know that they will not need to dig up the drive.  Can anyone offer any insight into this? There is a flower bed adjacent to the drive - which I hoped would be used.  Thanks in advance.


Alessandro Volta

The contractors who VM get to do these jobs usually use the quickest easiest route. If they can run the cable through a flower bed or along a fence or wall, they will do that rather than dig up the drive. 

But these contractors operate at arms length for VM's own staff, and you may not get an advance guarantee of the route. The best plan is to be there when the work is done, but finding the date may be difficult. 

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Heddybell 👋

Welcome to the community forum! Thanks for posting. 

Lovely to hear you are thinking of joining our services, and we do appreciate your concerns regarding the installation. 

Once you have placed an order for services, we can book in a pre-install survey to check over the site, assess what works may be needed, and hopefully put your mind at rest. 

Sadly we can't offer support with sales orders or pre-install issues via this platform, but we do have a dedicated pre-install team you can speak to via 📞0800 052 1734 and they can assist further. You can place an order by phone on 📞0800 183 1234 if needed too. 
Once you have an order placed we would be able to help book in the pre-install survey if needed. 

Hope this helps! Please let us know if there is anything else you need. All the best.🌞