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New build home with Open Fibre Network access point (OFNL) - should Virgin Media be available?

Joining in

Hi there.

this is my first time posting here and hopefully I’m in the right section 😬

I’m just looking for a little help as we moved into our new build property last Thursday and we have this super nice little box in our cupboard that’s an access port for OFNL Open Fibre Network. As far as I can see I am limited to using providers that use their network for which Virgin Media is listed…

however when I go to buy a package apparently I’m not within their network, I tried calling and they said the same thing. I’d be dammed if I go with any of the other providers as I’m a fan of VM from living in London with a great connection for many years.

if anyone is on VM through the Open Fibre Network please let me know if it’s worth waiting for them to ‘recognise me’ or if there’s no light at the end of that tunnel.

thanks! 🙌


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi alexmelville,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to see our services aren't available in your new property, OFNL Open Fibre Network isn't something we can advise in regards to it being available, have you tired googling to see who is available?



Tuning in

Hello Alex,

I can shed some light into this as i'm on an OFNL estate similar to you. While virgin media is listed on OFNL it isn't actively connected to the OFNL network - what it means is that they have an agreement where virgin can install fibre cable into OFNL trunking on an estate but it seems that so far the amount of estates doing this is VERY limited.

I'm hopeful in time that this will happen - but I wouldn't be holding breath in the meantime and you will need to look for one of the mainstream "OFNL" providers - of which one is a competitor of virgin tv by a different name (I'll let you look into that).

Good luck and hope your Virgin X OFNL dream is one day achieved (as I hope mine is also).