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New Customer - New House - Help!?!

On our wavelength

Hi all,

I'm moving out and into a new house. I don't have an account (it was previously with my Wife). I am looking to move into a new house within the next couple of weeks.

I'm just wondering what the process should be here? Essentially, I'll be a new customer, and will be looking for Broadband only options. When should I be putting an order in? I need Internet Access immediately upon moving in, but I obviously don't own the house as yet.

The new house has Virgin already, which makes it easier from an installation perspective.

I just need some bulleted tasks as to what I need to do when guys - any help would be great!


Alessandro Volta

Do you mean there is a working VM installation/customer in your new home at the moment? Or do you mean your new home already has a VM cable in place but it is not in use? Each option might have its different advantages/disadvantages/possible outcomes.

If there is a VM connection of some kind at the property you should be eligible for a 'Quick Start' kit where VM sends you the equipment, you plug it in and hopefully off you go.

In any event, you should make some preparations for a backup plan to keep you online during your home move (such as a data SIM on a rolling monthly contract, additional data for any existing phone plan etc. etc.). That way, if any kind of problem crops up with your new installation you should still be able to get online while you wait for your VM connection to go live.

On our wavelength

Thanks for the response @goslow

The house I'm purchasing (and hopefully move into in the next 14 days or so) has a 1Gb Virgin service already in place.

So, as a new customer to virgin, how would I go about purchasing the service now, for a property I'm not yet moved into 🙂

Alessandro Volta

If there is a working service in your new home at the moment then you have the reassurance that the VM cable is in working order (rather than finding a cable that has been out of use for years and is untested).

The problem you might run into may be to do with how/when/if the existing customer's account closes. There are regular topics on here where the new customer moves in but the connection for the old customer is still going through its 30 day disconnection notice period. VM doesn't have the two customers logged at the same address so the new service can't start until the old one has closed. This can sometimes involve a delay while VM goes through a 'gone away' process with the former customer to close the account.

That is why you should have some backup options in place and ready to go. Are you in contact with the present occupiers to find out when their VM account disconnection date is?

Other than that, you would place your order for your new service, VM would send you the kit, you plug it in and you should be connected.

Again though, worth having the backup option ready as there are occasional topics on here about equipment going AWOL with the legendary Yodel delivery service.

Sometimes one of the VM forum team offers to look into these kinds of queries (they usually reply here within a few days) or they may just tell you to phone the VM sales line.

On our wavelength

Thanks again,

Again though, just to confirm, I'll have to wait before I'm in in order to place the order?

Alessandro Volta

The VM sales number is here from a recent post

I imagine they will happily sign you up for/at any time you like. Based on pat topics on here, I think the issue is less to do with when you move in and more to do with whether the existing account is fully closed down for when you want to start your new service (e.g. you could move in and still find a delay if the existing account is still running).

Call the sales team for further info or wait here for further advice (if offered) from the VM forum team, usually reply within a few days.

Keep in mind though that the VM telesales agents will promise you the moon on a stick if they think it will generate a sale so keep a good record of everything they say/promise/tell you (preferably by recording your call whenever dealing with VM, IMHO).

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @ceepeebee,

Thank you for your posts and welcome back to our community forums. We're here to help.

It looks like other members of the community have answered your question here, but you're right in that installation will be a little quicker and easier assuming that when the current tenant moves out and you move in that everything that's been installed is left in place and in good condition. You can just do a self-installation at that point, assuming you're happy to do that and opt for it.

If you have any further queries or concerns, please do let us know.



Zach - Forum Team
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