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Endless lies about our installation date. Advice?

Tuning in

Anyone else have experience with endless lies from VM? I don't know how they get away with it or what I can do at this stage. We have no other option for high speed broadband so if VM can't help us I just want an honest answer so I can move on. 

We moved house on 1st April, so booked an activation date of 5th April way back earlier in the year. VM assured us this would work fine, the house was already cabled etc and they plenty of notice in case of any issues. First blatant lie, as the house was NOT cabled and significant external work was required, which they must have known when onboarding us as customers.

4th April (day before activation) we get a generic email saying our date has moved. Brilliant. When to? No idea. Why? No idea. After hours trying to get through, I speak to someone who admits that actually external work is needed so our activation date is now 18th April. I obviously complain as this is a nightmare considering we both work from home with a six month old and it's impossible to get anything done without broadband. Get through to pre-installation team who say 18th April is earliest possible installation date due to the extent of the external work needed. Second big fat lie. 

I literally watch the external work get completed on 5th April and get through a couple of days later on the phone to confirm everything has been done, including some damage that needed fixing. So can we have our broadband now, seeing as the only hold up is now completed? They said yes, you'll get a text today with a new install date. Absolute lie. 

Call again - say we never received our text. Oh yeah, it's coming today or tomorrow. Another lie. 

Ring up again, really p***** off now as we're a week over the agreed install date. They said it's been escalated to the 'Concerns team' which sounds pretty made up to me. We'll get a text/email within 48 hours to schedule a sooner date. Well that's been and gone now, another lie to get a customer off the phone.

How do VM get away with this? Worst customer service I've ever had to deal with. 

If I had any confidence whatsoever they'll A) turn up on the 18th and B) activate us without a hitch, I'd be less concerned. But I'd give that less than a 1% chance given the clown show so far and endless lying. 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Don't forget you are due compensation at around £9 per day, so keep a note of that.  As you have experienced VM CS first hand, it may give you an idea of any future dealings.  It's difficult to get a fixed date, as VM use 3rd parties for the digging and ducting work, so sometimes it not in VM hands.

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Thanks - yes, I'll certainly be claiming the full compensation. The frustrating part is VM confirmed the digging and ducting work is done, and I spoke face to face with the workers who also confirmed it was done. This was apparently the only roadblock for my activation... Yet they still pushed it out two weeks and have lied about five times about bringing it forward. Infuriating. 

Hey @DidcotJM92,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear about your issues faced with this, can you confirm with this you have spoken to the Pre-Installation team on 0800 052 1734? They would be the ones able to make changes to the installation date and confirm all work needed has been completed.


Hi Joseph, 

Yes, it's definitely the pre-installation team I've been speaking to each time. They confirmed that the external work had all been completed, in fact it was done by the 5th April, so activation could have taken place on our original agreed date. 

Despite this, my install date still got shoved two weeks out. I found out there's no actual reason for this. Just an automated date from the computer and not one VM employee has been able to bring it forward. I've been promised about five times now that I'll receive a text or email to bring the date forward but this has not materialized after any of the promises. 

I've been told it's been escalated to other teams, that I'm top of the list for rescheduling, that I was due to be installed before the weekend etc, etc, etc... I can only assume none of this was ever true?

It's been a very frustrating and demoralizing experience. 


I can only apologies @DidcotJM92 for the experience you've had with your installation journey. 

We can certainly check at our side to see if there are any available early dates that the install can be brought forward and raise your complaint on the account if you've not had one raised already. 


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